Should they call it manga ?

Imagine for a second that two highly acclaimed US comic book creators get together. The first is an award winning writer, and the second is an award winning artist. They aren't quite household names, but the titles they've worked on are household names.

Both creators are fans of Japanese manga and decide they want to work together on a manga-style project. What should they call it? Please pick one of the answers below. Don't complain if none of the answers matches your opinion exactly, just pick the closest one, life doesn't always give you every choice you want.

What should creators (and publishers) call manga-style comics ?
If they set out to create a manga, that's what they should call it. 149 out of 729 (20.4%)
People will see that it's "manga-style" by the artwork. No need to label it at all. 251 out of 729 (34.4%)
Call it a comic book, that's what it is. 225 out of 729 (30.9%)
Call it World-Manga (OEL, Global-Manga, etc...) 104 out of 729 (14.3%)