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Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa (manga) Excellent This series really impressed me despite it glorifying underaged sex. At first I thought this was hentai to be honest but it just turned out to be sort of an ecchi manga with little to no "in your face" fanservice. The story is about Makoto Kashigawa and she is a hermaphrodite that tries to adjust to having a normal life. At first when I read that she was a hermaphrodite I immediately thought that this was Futanari(look it up if you don't know). But it's nothing like that, it's just about how Mako-chan copes with being the way she is and trying to find herself. She doesn't let her difference get her down, but it really stops her from living life as a woman. It's probably the most realistic account of being a teenager that I've encountered in manga/anime as well. There are many themes that I know that I liked because I definitely could relate to them or see exactly where they were coming from without any sort of help trying to interpret the actions of the characters. I seriously haven't/can't find anything wrong with this manga other than the last volume. It's a comedy but it takes itself seriously and it's enjoyable because you can relate to all of the characters that appear. I highly recommend this, tell your friends tell everyone to read this.
Codename: Sailor V (manga) Very good This manga series was made before Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon. It follows Minako Aino's past before she appears. I recommend it.
Dragon Ball (manga) Excellent Out of the few manga I've read this is one of the only manga series that was not altered much in its anime adaption. One thing that some people don't like about the TV series is that it seems like time does not want to move. Well the manga is much faster paced and this is the only way to actually get Akria Toriyama-sensei's real story. As I aid the anime doesn't change too much, if not anything. The most important things that are really changed are pieces of dialogue. If you don't like the anime series for any reason then pick up the manga since it's a much better alternative. I recommend it.
Fist of the North Star (manga) Very good The manga is way more violent and bloody than the violent and bloody anime TV series adaption. The manga is way faster paced than the TV series and some plot point are changed from manga to anime. I recommend it. I also would like to say, the anime ends before the manga finishes. So there is more Hokuto No Ken manga afterward.
Rurouni Kenshin (manga) Excellent This series was not altered too much from manga to anime. However to truly find the real ending to Rurouni Kenshin, you HAVE TO read the manga(vol. 18-28) since there was never an anime adaption created for the final arc, which I must say, is a very good arc and much better than the post-Kyoto arc filler that was in the anime. If you liked the anime adaption then you'll enjoy the manga even more. I recommend it.
Sailor Moon (manga) Excellent Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon is one of those manga series that I have read that is sometimes the most different from its anime adaption. The "monster of the day" format that the anime follows is literally non-existent in the manga. And way more of the story happens at a faster pace. As usual, the manga also likes to take bigger risks than the anime in the lines of violence. I mean Sailor Moon's got to be one of the darkest shojo series out there IMO. If you liked the SM TV series then you'll absolutely love the original manga that it was based on. I recommend it.