Advertising Policy

The following terms are binding unless otherwise stated in the invoice or its appendices.

This policy does not apply to advertising campaigns purchased through our self-serve system. A separate policy, available here applies to self-serve campaigns.

Acceptable content

Anime News Network, Inc. (ANN) requires that any ads placed on (the website) not be considered vulgar by the average North American reader. ANN reserves the final say in this subjective matter, as well as the right to refuse any advertisement on these grounds, either when the advertisement is uploaded, or retroactively.

Sites Linked to

ANN requires that any site linked to
1. Not sell or link to any sites selling illegal or bootlegged content
2. Possess a warning page before any adult material

Should ANN contact any advertiser about one of the above problems their banners will be temporarily removed from circulation, without extension of their contract, until the problem is rectified. Should the advertiser fail to rectify the problem within 28 days the remainder of their contract will be forfeit (without refund) unless other arrangements are agreed to.


ANN guarantees each advertiser a specified minimum number of impressions over a specified calendar period. We make no guarantee as to the average click through rate of your banners. In the case of campaigns longer or equal to one month in duration, any time we fail to deliver the guaranteed number of impressions during a campaign, you will have the option of automatically extending your campaign until it is properly delivered, or being credited / reimbursed for the undelivered portion on a prorated basis.

While we recommend and encourage you to authenticate our statistics yourself or with a third party service, we will not issue refunds for ads run through large, well known ad serving companies such as double click. Unfortunately there are hundreds of methods available to the public for blocking any and all ads from common ad serving companies. One very common example is the KL Supertrick. Methods like these are used by as much as 15% of website visitors, and the result is 15% fewer impressions for banners served by double click and other major ad servers.


The advertiser must pre-pay for all advertisements unless otherwise stated in the invoice. Anime News Network reserves the right to charge the advertiser $35.00 for all NSF or returned checks. Electronic Payments via PayPal are preferred but not required for any payment under $1000. ANN reserves the right to suspend any delinquent account. Accounts are considered delinquent when payment is 90 days overdue.


Unless otherwise stated, all amounts indicated on insertion orders and invoices are in US Dollars.

Payment Terms

Should ANN agree to provide an advertiser with payment terms other than COD, a 21% per annum late payment charge will be calculated should the advertiser fail to pay their invoice within the terms that they agree to.


Contracts with perpetual terms, (ie: monthly, perpetual) can be canceled by the advertiser or ANN at the end of any term period, provided 1-month notice for contracts with terms longer than 1-month and 1-week notice for any contract with a term of 1-month or less. Terms begin on the first day of the advertisement and renew automatically unless canceled.

Cancellation Fees

Non-perpetual advertising can be canceled at any time with the following conditions:

  • Rotational advertising can be canceled up until the commencement date that the advertising is scheduled to go into effect with no cancellation fee. Any cancellation after the commencement date is subject to a 50% cancellation fee, or a fee equal to what is contracted to be paid for the 90 days subsequent to the cancellation, whichever is less.
  • Fixed advertising can be canceled up until 60 days prior to the commencement date with no cancellation fee. Any fixed advertising canceled after 60 days prior to the commencement date will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Advertisement Specs

Advertisements must meet the parameters specified here. Unless other wise agreed to in writing (or e-mail), any advertisement that does not meet those specifications will not be posted and no refund will be issued for any lost advertising.

Prorating Methodology

Should ANN issue a prorated refund, credit or invoice it will be determined based on a percentage of impressions delivered. The advertiser will be refunded or credited a percentage of the due amount, on an itemized basis, with the percentage equal to the percentage difference between the number of impressions ordered and the number of impressions delivered.

Insertion Orders

Any terms or conditions listed in an insertion order take precedence over the terms and conditions listed on this page.

Change of Ownership

Should ANN sell the website, or should there be a change to the majority ownership of ANN, ANN reserves, for itself and any new owners of ANN and/or the website, the right to cancel any or all advertising campaigns. Canceled advertising campaign will be invoiced or refunded (if paid in advance) on a prorated basis. Refunds will be issued no later than 30 days after the last date the campaign is active.

Updates to this Policy

ANN reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Advertisers with on-going campaigns will have 30-days from the date they are informed of any change to state their disagreement to the new policy. In the case of disagreement, should a mutual consensus not be reached between ANN and the advertiser, ANN will cancel the advertising campaign and issue a prorated refund no later than 30 days after the last date the campaign is active. Should ANN fail to inform an advertiser of a change to this policy, the policy as it was written at the time the insertion order for a campaign was received will remain in effect for that campaign.


This agreement shall be governed exclusively by, and construed and interpreted exclusively in accordance with, the internal laws of Quebec, and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein, but without reference to principles of conflict of laws, and each party irrevocably consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the province of Quebec, Canada.

  • Commencement Date: The date that advertising starts or is set to start.
  • Rotational Advertising: Any advertising purchased in a location where the advertiser's ads rotate in conjunction with other advertisers' ads. This typically includes banners, leaderboards, rectangles, towers and roadblocks.
  • Fixed Advertising: Any advertising in a location or format that is displayed on all default deliveries of a specific URL or set of URLs. This typically includes skins, logo-branding and buttons.
  • Bootlegs: Regardless of copyright law, or lack thereof, any product that copies, without license or written permission, creative material that is not part of the public domain in the country in which the original creative material was created; with the following exceptions: material that is protected by fair-use doctrines that are enshrined in the copyright law of the country in which the original creative material was created, Canada and/or the United States, derivative material (fanart, fanfiction, doujinshi) that is based on but not a copy of original creative material and material that is created with permission but imported/exported/sold in contravention of contracts or trademark law (i.e. gray market products).