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Sargento Soma

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 013 - Sargento Soma

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Well, it's been a busy week for the both of us, and neither of us really did get around to watching much, so we're going experimental: this week Justin and I explore the weird differences in taste between the two of us, generally using a whole lot of pretentious language the both of us picked up in film school. If you dig it, awesome, if not, sorry! Also: we have a new banner image! Hooray! Thanks, Phillip Harrington!

Then it turns out Justin watched Ghost in the Shell 2.0 on Bluray so everything goes back to normal.

Next up Steve Sargent joins us from Manga Entertainment to talk about their streaming services, their DVD and bluray releases, and their Syfy Ani-Monday programming. We also give him a lot of crap for the weird english in Blood: The Last Vampire. Then it's Twitter questions, as usual. Good times!

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NSFW Language Warning: Less swearing than usual. Rejoice!

ANNCast Episode 013 Breakdown

00:19 Host Introductions, new logo, and congratulations Frank and Summer!

02:31 Here's where it gets weird: Justin and Zac attempt to explore their often radical differences in taste and hearken back to film school discussions of yore. This goes on for a while. It also ends kind of abruptly, so you know, sorry about that.

13:06 Ghost in the Shell 2.0 and the totally awful video quality on the original version

18:47 Break time!

18:58 Steve Sargent introduction, with an explanation of what he does over there

20:08 Justin's theory on what happened with The Ghost in the Shell 2.0 bluray, and the big difference between the old Manga Entertainment and the new one.

29:00 Manga's plans moving forward; Dante's Inferno, upcoming blurays

30:17 Time to make fun of the incredibly weird English voices on Blood: The Last Vampire!

33:00 All about those Tonight Show bits at Bang Zoom! Entertainment

40:19 All about Syfy's Ani-Mondays, Chiller's anime block and the programming thereof

43:17 Twitter questions! Angel's Egg on DVD and Cagliostro on Bluray, what's up with End of Evangelion manga no longer has the license!), how Ani-Monday programming is selected, why the company's called Manga Entertainment, Ani-Mondays on Demand, the Noein DVD outtakes, Sci-Fi fans who reject anime, the relative popularity of yuri anime, and anime fans who go on and on about superior Japanese versions when they don't speak the language.

Then Justin quizzes Steve about what titles in Manga Entertainment's catalog they actually still have the licenses for. The answers may surprise you!

And that's all!

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