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Debinitely, Maybe

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 016 - Debinitely, Maybe

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So both of my usual cohosts are out of town - Justin's recovering from Singapore, and Bamboo's on her way out for the holiday, but I still wanted to have an ANNCast for you, so here you go!

First segment I've got Justin remote from Singapore to chat about his experiences attending the big anime con and eating, eating, eating. Then Bradley C. Meek (twitter) from themanime.org and anime3000.com shows up to chat about some of the anime he's been watching and then it's super awesome Macross 7 time!!

Then Deb Aoki, (twitter) resident writer of the Manga Guide at manga.about.com, shows up to school me on the ins and outs of expanded manga coverage. We talk about the fundamental differences between writing about anime and writing about manga, the connection you get with the artist in manga vs. the toned-down artwork in most anime series, and then it's Twitter time!

I apologize in advance for the janky audio in Deb's segment - we were having weird Skype issues. Sorry about that, it's listenable though, I think.

Next week we'll be back to normal. Huzzah!

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NSFW Language Warning: Almost no swearing this time! Okay, a little. But almost none.

ANNCast Episode 016 Breakdown

00:24 Host intro, weird show explanation

01:07 Justin Sevakis on his time in Singapore, Summer Wars, Evangelion 2.0, the Odex mess there and then his one true love, food.

16:13 Bradley Meek from themanime.org and anime3000.com tells us about the sites he works for and then talks up Kurozuka and Story of Saiunkoku, and then it's what everyone has been waiting for, Macross 7 chat!! ♫let's go tsukinuki you ze

30:54 Deb Aoki from manga.about.com joins us and tells us a little about her job

32:59 those gosh darned scanslatin' kids

36: 47 the kinda stuff Deb likes

38:57 what new manga critics should focus on first (warning: the audio in this bit gets a bit wacky)

41:13 how to hire yaoi critics

44:00 Yen Press's visibility

45:50 the stark contrast between a mangaka's original art and the anime adaptations

47:12 Yotsuba! is best left as a manga only

50:04 Twitter time! Deb's writing style, the grown (or death) of OEL manga, and Deb's recent trip to Japan.

We'll be back to normal next week, and again I apologize for the wack audio in the second half. See you next week!

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