Lance, A Lot

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast Episode 055 - Lance, A Lot

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Now, normally we have a first segment, but this week we have a GIANT-SIZE interview with Lance Heiskell, Marketing Director at FUNimation Entertainment. We go over pretty much everything from the state of the retail business to their new old-school packaging ideas to what sort of shows they're licensing now to the company's position as being "for sale" to pretty much everything else! You know you want it!

Then we have a longer-than usual Twitter Time wherein y'all ask questions about a huge variety of topics, including Sgt. Frog, the state of Dragon Ball Z, A Certain Magical Index and even Strawberry Marshmallow comes up at one point! And then that's it! Hooray!

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NSFW Language Warning: Yeah, there's some swearing. You'll live.

ANNCast Episode 55 Breakdown

00:20 Lance Heiskell introduction and how things are going at Funimation right now

03:40 How weird it is that Serial Experiments Lain has nostalgia value as a license

09:50 What kind of shows Funimation goes after in 2010

13:30 The increasingly marginalized world of anime and what can be done to expose it more

21:00 What's going on in the realm of brick & mortar retail

28:00 A little bit on bluray sales

32:40 Their recent announcement of a return to chipboard boxes and premium items

42:40 What's still the best way to get an anime series exposed?

44:50 What's going on with that Noitamina streaming deal they had

47:00 The whole "selling Funimation" thing

52:10 Twitter time! A Certain Magical Index, Sgt. Frog, a whole lot on Evangelion, the state of physical media and much much much more!!

And that's it! See you next week!

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