Flanagan's Rainbow

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast 078 - Flanagan's Rainbow

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William Flanagan has been translating anime and manga since the early 90s and has worked with nearly every major manga publisher since. He drops by the podcast to chat about the early days, working on stuff like Patlabor, to his days as an editor during the Shonen Jump Boom years (which he has a ton of great stories about), to his current status as a freelancer working on Yen Press books and a multitude of other things. He's got a mountain of stories to tell! We also get in to the current woes of the freelance translation trade, crowdsourcing translation and much more - and of course, Twitter Time!

Producer's note: if you're wondering who it is William sounds like, his voice is an uncanny dead ringer for Mythbusters' Adam Savage. You're welcome.

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NSFW Language Warning: Little bit of cursing. You'll be OK, I promise.

ANNCast Episode 78 Breakdown

00:30 William Flanagan introduction and his earliest days as a translator

09:20 Dark Myth and the hell it put William through

14:00 Pretty awesome Viz Media stories start here. Seriously, this is gold.

19:30 The deluge of controversy over Chichiri's "no da"s

33:50 Whether or not the stories about Viz's corporate culture changing are true or not

43:00 Who gets blamed when a mistake makes it to print, and the new reality for freelance translators

53:20 People willing to translate for free and getting what you pay for

59:30 Looking back on early translations

01:06:20 Crowdsourcing translation: yay or nay?

01:12:40 Twitter time! Nitpicky fans who hold bizarre, decade-long grudges, the importance of preserving "iconic" lines and more!

And that's it! See you next time!

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