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Future Answer Next Generation

Answerman: Future Answer Next Generation

Many of you have emailed me asking where the trivia competition is. Don't worry; it'll be back soon enough in a bigger and better format. For now, I'm taking a poll; I'd like as many of you as possible to email me (answerman at animenewsnetwork.com) telling me whether or not you'd read a twice-weekly installment of Answerman. Were I to update every, say, Wednesday and Friday, would you all keep coming back? If I get a high enough response, I'll do it. Anyway, on to this week's questions.

OK, You've probably gotten this a hundred times now, but I'll ask again. There's a rumor floating around the net that the Stars season of Sailor Moon is currently being dubbed, but I can't find any "hard" information on this. I can't even find anything that says Stars has been licensed! So....is there any truth behind the rumor? Thanks!


Nope. Nobody's licensed Sailor Stars yet. You'd have to hack the show up so badly to get it on American TV that there wouldn't be much of a show left. I imagine that it will eventually be released here, but I don't think they can show it in its uncut state through the usual channels - they're probably going to have to consider a subtitled-only DVD release. But, this is all conjecture; nobody's announced it yet. Sailor Moon rumors fly fast and furious around the net, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

Hi... I am looking for Mermaid Forest subtitled on vhs... apparently its out of print. Are there any retailers for this or a company that I can try and contact to see this? Thanks!

Well, the video is out of print, but you can still find it. A few copies show up on Ebay every now and then, and it was re-released a while ago by Central Park Media. It's not an easy video to find but there are a few places around the web that have it - I got my copy at a video store nearby that was going out of business. Try some of the older online video stores, like www.bigstar.com , that have a lot of older used titles in stock. I couldn't find it for sale at any of the big anime shops online - AnimeNation or The Right Stuf (Although it IS listed in The Right Stuf's catalog for 2001, you may want to contact them.). Good luck!

I hate to keep asking little questions like this, but I was wondering if there are any plans to release any of the Galaxy Express 999 movies on DVD in the near future? Thanks once again for your answer and your time


Well, I couldn't find any information on a US DVD release, but the Japanese DVD movie box just came out. I imagine that now that a Japanese DVD release has happened, the US release isn't too far behind.

I recently read a review of Memories on web site and just thought to my self, "wow I have to see this." So I was wondering, dose any have planes to bring it to the states?

Thanks for the help all mighty Answer Man.

Nope. The movie is far too expensive for most US anime distributors. You can get the English-subtitled Japanese DVD version for 90 to 100 bucks at any major import dealer.

Any chance of a Cowboy Bebop 2, or a movie?


No plans currently for a sequel TV series. I read a while back that the Cowboy Bebop movie was supposed to premiere at the Big Apple Anime Fest in the fall. That, of course, was retracted by Bandai days later. So, right now, nobody knows when it'll be showing up here - heck, it might even show up at Expo.

Hi there Answerman, I've been reading your column on ANN when it first came out, and I must say you do a great job answering all those questions, I wish I had that much information and resources on my hands ^^;; Anyway, I want to ask you a question about Mamotte Shugogetten. I know the Manga was serialized on one of the Japanese magazines before they released the Manga books. I know there are 12 volumes in total and I've managed to get up to volume 11. However, it doesn't seem the 12th volume has been released yet, not even in Japan (although the story already ended on the magazines in summer of 2000). I've asked on most Shugogetten fan clubs/forums/MLs but they don't know much about it neither. So my ultimate question, is it true that volume 12 has not been released yet even in Japan? I don't mind if it's a Japanese version, I just need to know what the ending is!


Rayearth, webmaster of:
Rayearth & Seresu's Anime Dimensionx

Well, I checked all the manga retailers I know, and I couldn't find the 12th volume. Heck, I couldn't even find any references to there being a 12th volume. Consider the possibility that there is no 12h volume. If you're still intent, however, and you live near a Kinokuniya Bookstore or any import book dealer, you could always ask there. Most Anime cons have a massive supply of manga for sale - you can always check there.

I was wondering why Tenchi spin-off TV series Pretty Sammy TV was never dubbed through Pioneer? Is there a dub with the original English actors planned sometime in the future and will Pioneer be releasing Pretty Sammy OAV and Pretty Sammy TV to DVD sometime in the future.
-Jamie Peterson

I'm not sure of the official reason, but I know Pretty Sammy didn't sell very well and is by and large considered to be a series for hardcore anime fans only. If they ever do a DVD release, which isn't currently planned, they might do a dub. I'm sure they'd get the original voice cast, were such a project ever to happen. I wouldn't hold my breath, though.

Welp. I figured if I wanted a question answered that I haven't found the answer to yet, I should go with the Answerman. So here it is: What is going on with the Rurouni Kenshin manga. I know the Manga and Anime go off in two directions after awhile, and the entire Enishi Arc is missing from the Anime. I also believe that the company that has the rights wants a lot of money, but I think it would be a major hit. So, what is the deal with it. Also, know of any sites that have it fantranslated? Thanks bro.

Anime Kumo (www.cloudchaser.com/cc/anime/)

The Rurouni Kenshin manga hasn't made its way to the US yet, for various reasons. Yes, the licensing fee is fairly high, but I'd still expect it to show up here eventually. There's a French version of it available, and you can always pick up the Japanese version. There are plenty of fan translations out there - just search on google or check Anipike.

I have a question for you, Answerman.

I noticed something on Outlaw Star. On the giant "O" for the word "Outlaw", I noticed these words written inside: "Future Hero Next Generation". What does that mean?

The Japanese like to use English words to spice up a title. They don't really mean much of anything, but they do make the title sound cooler.

Are they ever going to release a sequel to Candidate for Goddess?


Sure, I suppose it's possible. Nothing's been announced yet but the first season is supposed to show up on Cartoon Network this fall. If it catches on, we might see a second season.


I have a few questions regarding a number of various series. Is Gainax going to create a second series for Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou? Another good series I would like to see a sequel of. One final question that sparks my interest. When Akira was re-released in theaters, only a few theaters nationwide had shown it. I was wondering about how much money the movie made just through the theaters. Thanks.


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a second season of Kare Kano. Gainax usually doesn't do sequel series. Not only that, but after Hideaki Anno left the show, the ratings for Kare Kano dipped dramatically. Akira got a very limited re-release; I imagine it was done more to promote the DVD. I couldn't find total box-office grosses; I don't imagine the numbers were widely published, since it didn't have a typical theatrical run.

And that's all for this week.

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