All Good Expos Must Come To An End

Answerman: All Good Expos Must Come To An End

Well, I'm back from Expo, and it was a blast, as usual. Con staff did a great job herding us around this year, and even though I had to sit through the Di Gi Charat voiceover auditions (An ordeal that will haunt my nightmares for months to come), I had a great time. I may even one day regale you all with my con stories…

But, it's been a week and a half, and I'm sure you're all thirsting for some answers. Well, here they are.

I heard recently that there was going to be an X TV series. Is this true? I love the manga, and a tv series is the only way that they could truly explore the relationships of the characters to each other.


You'd better believe it! Much to the joy of X fans across the globe, myself included, a new X TV series will be coming out this fall in Japan. An OVA episode is planned as well, it's apparently a prelude to the TV series. Maybe this time they'll actually do the story justice. No word on an American licenser yet, but I imagine it's only a matter of time.

Hey Answerman-

Do you know if there are plans for another Vampire Hunter D: Movie?


If you mean in addition to the old one, yes, Urban Vision is releasing the new Vampire Hunter D: Movie, subtitled Bloodlust, into the American market this fall. From what I can tell, it has some of the most beautiful animation we're ever likely to see.

Is the Akira Dlx Ed from Right Stuf the same Akira Limited Collector's Ed one offered in other stores (metal box and all) or is it 'just' a Dlx Ed? I can't seem to get a good answer from them (the salespeople don't know either especially since it's not released yet).

If by “DLx Ed” you mean “Deluxe Edition”, then it's probably the one with the metal tin. Scratch that, I can guarantee you it's the one with the metal tin.

Sorry If my e-mail sounds a little harsh, but I'm freaking pissed that ADV has the rights to Spriggan for a long time now and hasn't even told us when they plan on releasing it. I saw it at Fantasia festival here in Montreal 2 years ago. And I find it hard to believe that a big movie like that is taking so long to come out. WTF is ADV doing, are they all scratching there ass's!!! I could by this movie on ebay but I'm waiting to see what ADV will put on the DVD and if the english subtitles are any good on the honk kong version??? so if you have any of the many answers I'm seeking please do tell.

thank you

Don't bother with the bootleg; ADV is planning on releasing Spriggan into US Theaters in the fall. They've taken a long time with it, but ADV takes forever to do anything so cut 'em a little slack. It'll be out before the end of the year. By the way, you'd do well to stay away from bootlegs completely. By and large, they're a low-quality waste of time.


Quick questions: When does ADV plan to release Saiyuki and in which format (DVD or VHS?)

Can you give me some brief info about these series (Dark Millenium, Soul Taker, and Eden's Bowy). I can't find any info on them anywhere. I know they won't be released yet but a short description about them would be much appreciated.


ADV simply announced that they'd licensed Saiyuuki. You can't expect release dates to be available the second a company says they've licensed something; I'd be willing to bet that pre-production hasn't even started on it yet. As for the other shows you mentioned, Soul Taker is a really dark little supernatural show; very abstract. Eden's Bowy is somewhat of a mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and Dark Millenium… well, I couldn't find ANY information on that series. Anyone out there know what the heck Dark Millenium is about?

The list of edits being to to anime is quite siturbing. Take for example Big O. The series is confusing to start with. But, when you change simple words or phrases like "cast in the name of God" to "cast in the name of good", doesn't help. Are we becoming that sensitive. In addition, take Tenchi OVA. Cartoon Network cuts out a whole seen with Tenchi and nurse Washu, and the translation on the dvd still differs from the original Japanese lines. Whats an anime fan to do.

PS. Dont tell me to go out and buy the DVD series, that just won't do!

Anime censorship

Hate to say this, but buy the DVDs. They make specific versions for hardcore fans; they cater to you. They have to make money and unfortunately the only way to do that in the current system is to go with what network censors deem appropriate and hack things up. You're lucky to even be getting the uncut versions; count your blessings and stop complaining. Things may change one day.

I am a huge fan of Katsuhiro Otomo, and I was wondering if the following movies are being released from him.

1) Labyrinth Stories
2) Robot Carnival
3) Spriggan
4) Memories
I was also wondering if Memories and Magnetic Rose are the same thing.

Labyrinth Stories, or “NeoTokyo” as it was called in the Streamline dub, was released by Streamline a long time ago and has since fallen into total obscurity. It's really hard to find a copy of it and I'm not sure the rights to it have been picked up. Robot Carnival is available but hard to get a hold of; Spriggan's coming out this fall from ADV, and Memories is far too expensive for most US licensers. Magnetic Rose is a part of Memories; it's one of the three segments included in that film.

Hey Answerman!
On Bandai's japanese website ( if you click on "English" then click on "press releases" and then click on the article dated 2000/08/01 "Digimon and Gundam Shoot to Success Overseas" There is a single sentence that says Ojamajo Doremi will be aired on US Tv in the Spring of next year, next year being now. Why hasn't Ojamajo Doremi been aired yet? Have you heard anything about this? I haven't found any info anywhere else about this. Thanks for your help


This has been floating around for a while. Basically, Bandai jumped the gun a bit on that announcement. No new announcements about Doremi have been made since then. Something may come out soon, though, so just keep an eye out.

Re: Ranma 1/2 Episode Counts?
I was wondering how many episodes are in each of the 6 seasons. I read recently in Viz is released the frst two DVD box sets of the first two seasons. I would like to know how many espisodes are in each season assuming there are six box sets.

Okay, let's break it down:
Season 1 - 18 episodes
Season 2 - 22 episodes (Titled Anything Goes)
Season 3 - 24 episodes (Titled Hard Battle)
Season 4 - 24 episodes (Titled Outta Control)
Season 5 - 24 episodes (Titled Martial Mayhem)

At least, that's how Viz released them. Expect 5 box sets. Thanks to Darrin Sutherland for the season episode counts.

And that's all for this week. See y'all next week.

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