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I was just wondering if there was any truth to the rumor that there is going to be and new Outlaw Star OAV, Starring the same cast as the TV series?



There are pre-production rumors regarding the new Outlaw Star OVA series, but that's about it. Nothing substantial has surfaced yet.

Dear Answerman,
           Thank you for answering my questions, you've been a big help.     I have a question. My girlfriend recently surprised me with a birthday present from, what she thought was the movie "Spriggan" on DVD. My "multi-region" DVD player was stolen from my house recently so i was a little confused when i got the package. My girlfriend doesn't know ,much about anime or import DVD's, but she does know about region codes on DVDs. She kept saying don't worry, it'll work on your region 1 player. What she got me was an "all-region" DVD, which looks authentic enough, but plays like a bootleg. Terrible sound and picture, especially for a DVD, and menu's that don't work. Needless to say i was very disappointed. What i want to know is, are there other ways to spot a bootleg or fake import DVD (besides the "all-region" tip-off)? Are there "real", "all-region" DVD's? Is it legal for vendors like to sell these?

I ordered a DVD from Hong Kong and all i got was this stupid bootleg.....................

Basically, pay attention to trends in anime, what's been licensed, what the Japanese import cover looks like, who's selling it and what the title is. If you know this stuff, you'll have an easy time spotting a bootleg. ANYTHING that hasn't been licensed or isn't out yet in the states that shows up on "DVD" (Usually a VCD) on Ebay or Amazon Auctions is a bootleg and will look and sound terrible. There are a few DVDs encoded by legit companies as all-region discs but these are few and far between.

Hey man... I was checking out Anime Colony and recognized your name. on the Violinist of Hamelin movie review, so I figured you were the best person to ask about this...

Is the VoH movie an 'alternate universe' type movie, where it's got the same characters but in different situations? Or is it an actual continuation of the series? Or is it like the Kenshin movie where it's got the same characters/setting and it's like a giant filler episode?

I'm mostly interested because I want to see the series, but apparently, the animation is of really bad quality... and the movie is significantly better. I just don't want to go through the trouble of finding the movie, and then watching it and really just having no clue at all.

Anyway, thanks.

The Violinist of Hamelin movie is basically a comic short based on the manga. It's total comedy, which is vastly different from the TV series. I was able to ingest the movie without having seen the TV series. You'll probably be able to do the same. I'd consider it to be "like" the Kenshin movie, since it isn't really an alternate universe.

Greetings Answerman!

I've been delving into import dvds recently and was wondering if To Heart has been licensed, cause i've been thinkin' of importing those dvds. Thanks a lot.

To Heart has not been licensed.


Ack! Please explain the "Blueseed OAV" to me. How can it be an OAV if it takes places after the series? And if its is only 2 episodes long, why didnt they just make it a movie? Why would it be a sequel, "Blueseed 2" and only be 2 episodes long? Is there going to be more of Blueseed 2?...

Er… an OVA can be whatever they want it to be… it doesn't have to be the beginning of a series. The current trend as far as OVAs are concerned is to have them follow the series, a'la Blue Seed, Love Hina and Mamotte Shugogetten. It's only two episodes long because that's what they deemed necessary for the story. There are no plans currently for more Blue Seed 2.

I have seen all of the North American releases of Shadow Skill, which are just 2 videos. But recently, I heard there is a TV series of Shadow Skill out there. Is this true? and if so, are there any plans to bring it stateside?

Thanks for taking the time to listen. Adios

There is a Shadow Skill TV series and it hasn't been licensed yet.

Bertschy-sama e,

Any idea when Level C might be released? I really want to get a subbed copy so I don't keep referring to the characters as "the hunky oniisan guy" and "the ultra weepy uke guy". ^o^ Not that it's about character development or anything... ^_~

If Level C does well, do you think this will open the door for titles like "Ai no Kusabi," "Boku no Sexual Harassment," "Lesson XX," "Fish in the Trap," "Zetsuai/Bronze," and "After School in the Teacher's Lounge"? Arigatou!

Media Blasters hasn't announced a release date for Level C. If people like you buy Level C, I can guarantee that MB will buy up other yaoi titles. I'm sure all the titles you mentioned are being optioned as we speak. They'll probably go on the sales of Level C and WeiB Kreuz (Which I understand is not yaoi or shounen ai, but it caters to the same audience) to determine how many more yaoi titles they license.

I want to know why we're not seeing the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars series on television. Are they having dubbing problems? I can't wait to see the new series. I've great things about it. I've already bought 2 box sets of Sailor Moon. One for my little sister and one for myself. I watch it over and over and over again. Please help me, answer my question! Do you think I will have to wait to buy it.


Cartoon Network won't be showing Sailor Stars because they can't edit it enough to show it on TV. The series features transgendered characters as a central focus of the plot and they can't really edit that out or cover it up. You can probably find fansubs of it on the web somewhere.

Hey I was innocently online one day when my friend sent me the web address My friend told me it was Mr. Nightow's new manga. It looks authentic, and looks incredible cool, but I thought I should make sure its real before welcoming it with open arms. So to get to my point, is this for real? If so, do you have any info on it? (I can't read Japanese so I don't know what the flash movie is saying.) Your help is greatly apriciated!

There isn't a lot of information out there on this yet but Gun Grave is indeed Nightow's new manga series. Keep an eye on that site for details as they become available.

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