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Answerman - Change

Yo. Big changes this week at Answerman. You're looking at the debut of the new Answerman format, in which the lovely and talented Mrs. Answerman assists me in answering each question.

Yeah, I know you guys all need a break from him giving short answers to all your questions.

Er… right. Whatever. Let's get started. I'm tired.

In Last week's column there was a question about how many episodes there are in the X TV Series. Gai Super Napalm from ANN's forum pointed out a mistake with the answer, there are in fact 24 episodes in the X TV series.

Sorry 'bout that.

Hey Answerman,
I heard there's another Samarai X OVA out in japan. I was wondering if this is coming to the states? Also I have another quick question that's been bothering me lately...what does OVA stand for?

Okay… yes, there is a new "Samurai X" (Rurouni Kenshin for those of us who like to use something's REAL name…) OVA in Japan. I believe the second part just came out (or it comes out next week..), so it should be out here before the end of the year. I'll let the newbie handle the really, really easy second part of that question.. think you can handle it?

It's Original Video Animation, or Original Animation Video. Either one works though the first seems to be more popular over here.

dear answerman,
do you know if the rumors are true about there being a third tenchi muyo ova series.


YES. For the love of God.. YES. This has been bandied around the anime news circuit for the better part of a year now. They aren't rumors. It's coming out before the end of the year in Japan.

hey answerman,

seems like there have been a lot of announcements lately for anime --> live action films. Are there any good ones worth noting?

No. I mean, let's run down the list… Fist of the North Star, which is basically 90 minutes of pain… Iria: Zeiram the Movie, and its sequel, which both clock in at about 90 minutes of torture… There's the live-action Kekko Kamen which I believe was classified as a Level 4 Contaminant by the government…

If you ever need a good laugh, watch the Utena live action musical. Same with the Iria movie and the invisible wall scene…really bad.

Hey, I recently rented Jin-Roh on dvd. When I played it on my ps2 it started skipping badly. It finally got so bad that I turned it off and returned it. The disk didn't look scratched and my ps2 has no problem playing other dvd's. I was just wondering if you had heard anything about similar things happening. I would like to buy it but I won't bother if it is a problem with all the disks.
Thanks for your time, Keith.

As far as I know, there's no problem with the Jin-Roh disc and the PS2. I have yet to try it in my PS2 but I haven't seen anything regarding a problem. Sounds like you got either a bad disc or something's wrong with your PS2; a friend of mine had similar problems with another DVD that I bought as well. His skipped, mine didn't. Go fig.

Wow….you got a full answer out of him…

Hey Answerman,

Do you know if Viz has any plans to release Ogre Slayer and Sanctuary out on DVD?

Thanks for you time,

They aren't out yet, but the way things are going, everything in Viz's back catalog will be out soon enough. Keep your pants on. The manga version of Sanctuary is way, way better than the anime anyway; I wouldn't waste my time with the movie.

I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that DVD production of the Pretty Sammy OAV has stopped indefinitely, so does this mean that Magical Project S (which in my opinion is superior to the OVA) is not being worked on for a DVD release either?

Okay.. Pioneer has waffled on this for a long time, mostly because the potential number of people actually willing to pay money for a Pretty Sammy DVD box is really small.

What is it with fetishes for the cute little girls in anime??? Besides, Magical Project S didn't sell very well in the stores, so why put money into something that won't sell? No plans to release this one as far as I know.

Who does the opening song for Hellsing? Is it a "we create music for anime" type group, or is it a real band, like the one that did the opener of Lain.

Ryan Vázquez

I hate to do this (Being a big fan of the show), but I have no clue who sings the opening or even what it's called. It isn't anywhere in the credits (that I can read) and anime fans in all their wisdom insist on naming anime opening MP3s as "(title) op.mp3" so those aren't any help either. Anyone out there know?

We looked everywhere online, not that Mr. Answerman's computer is any help (as it cannot read Japanese characters).

Alright, alright.. that's enough for one day. Say goodnight, Mrs. Answerman.

Goodnight everyone ^^.

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