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Answerman & Ms. Answerman: The Last Temptation of Answerman

So, here we are again with another fine batch of questions. Only four more columns until the star-studded spectacular 100th Answerman column! Are you as excited as I am, Ms. Answerman?

Yeah....let me put away the party balloons and cake I got for the occasion...

Dear Answerman (or Ms. Answerman)

Is it a good idea for the anime club to watch all of Evangelion TV eps, movies) in around one sitting (with potty and snack breaks)? Would it be advisable for everyone to spend the night? Is there a chance I might get laid?


Uh, sure, I guess so. The anime club I belong to did a marathon Utena screening and it went over pretty well. I'd imagine that you'd have some success with a marathon Evangelion screening. I don't know why everyone would have to ‘spend the night’, unless there are copious amounts of alcohol involved. I can't say Evangelion would be better with the aid of inebriation. The show is hard to decipher as it is. As for your last question, I can very firmly say ‘no’, kid. If you're holding an EVA marathon as a chance to attract a member of the opposite sex, you need to rethink your plan a little bit. Vicious mecha-like beings tearing eachother apart accompanied by psychotic melodrama wouldn't be considered an aphrodisiac.

Start the screening in the morning and go until late at night and you should be able to get through it all without having to pull out the sleeping bags. As for alcohol...it might just make the show easier to understand. As for getting laid well...next question...

One thing has always really bothered me about a lot of animes and that is the continual sexualization of young girls, like 14 year-olds and high school students. It's especially bad in those harem type animes like Love Hina. It also really distrubs me to see animes where teachers go after high school age girls. Why do the Japanese seem to be obsessed with that age group? There is a real threat of child sexual abuse in America and I have never seen a show here where it was okay for grown men to lust after middle schoolers. It might be a cultural thing that I do not understand. Please enlighten me.


That is, most assuredly, a cultural thing. A lot of anime series are aimed at older high school and college-aged males, and businessmen. For whatever reason, these people tend to have what we call a “lolita fetish”, that is to say, a penchant for girls who look pretty young. It isn't as popular here in America (Popular sexual taste in American society obviously developed differently than the Japanese), but it prevails in a lot of anime series. There are plenty of people who look down on it in Japan, but it's pretty common over there for older men to lust after younger women. I know a few creepy older guys who do that here in the states, and it makes my flesh crawl. It is substantially less culturally acceptable in America for a 30 year old to chase around 16 year old girls. In Japan, it isn't an every day occurrence, but it happens with a lot more regularity and is a lot more pervasive in pop entertainment. Any series that sexualizes underage girls gets big negative points in my book; in some cases, I'll refuse to watch the show altogether. The bulk of quality anime series, however, don't have this problem, so just stick to the good stuff and you'll avoid those uncomfortable and tasteless 12-year-old panty shots.

I have yet to figure where this comes from either. Then again, people have their fetishes, even here in America. Best to ignore those shows and stick with the worthwhile stuff. And as for those guys out there who enjoy that type of stuff? They should be locked up. Let the other inmates know why they're in there, and leave it to them...

Hey There Answerman,

I have a few questions for you. You do a lot of talking about what you think about anime series and what not, so I'm interested - what did you think of Trigun? For most people I know, its either a love, hate, or just don't know situation. Also, any plans for anymore Pilot Candidate episodes?



Trigun was okay until it introduced that whole giant-biomechanical-weapon thing towards the end. The show took a while to get rolling, and there were one too many 'giant ugly beast thing gets controlled by little wimpy guy, Vash bumbles around and stops them while still being a badass' episodes. There was a LOT of hype surrounding the series and I got pretty sick of it. They've produced another episode of Pilot Candidate in Japan, I imagine Bandai plans on releasing it here at some point.

I actually liked Trigun. It's humorous and serious at the right moments and though it is slow at the beginning, it gives the audience time to get used to the characters and care about them. The artwork is clean, and the whole 'giant-biomechanical-weapon thing' was a bizarre twist that seemed to fit the world that Vash was a part of. As for the bumbling around...again it adds to the character. Not sure I 'love' it per say, but it's definitely worth watching all the way through.

I have a dilemna. I'm trying to decide between His and Her Circumstances or Rurouni Kenshin: Legend of Kyoto to purchase. I was wondering which one you would choose. Or if you could suggest something better than these two shows to purchase. I know that if this is my biggest problem i have a good life but I just wanted your opinion and Ms. Answermans also.

Yeesh. This thing is turning in to an opinion column. Next time, folks, I promise I'll answer questions that might actually help someone. For now, though, I'll answer this one. What you've got there are two completely different series. His and Her Circumstances is a shoujo romance, and Kenshin is an action show. Both are excellent, although I'd have to say that Kenshin is probably more worth your while than Kare Kano. Kenshin has excellent animation and a wonderful storyline, while Kare Kano is only good for about 14 episodes before the quality drops off the face of the planet and the whole thing turns to utter crap. May as well try them both, right?

I didn't like His and Her Circumstances that much, so I'd have to say go with Rurouni Kenshin. They are completely different, so it really depends if you want to blow your money on romance or fighting. The Legend of Kyoto Arc runs for 8 DVD's, however, so I hope you have a lot of money. If you don't, then just stick with the first DVD ("Shadow of the Wolf") as it focuses upon Saitou and Kenshin's relationship.

Alright, this week we have a special treat. We're introducing a fourth member to the Answerman Team, Answercat Junior. I picked him up from a ‘free kittens’ box a few weeks ago and, lo and behold, he knew a lot about anime. He's been begging me to land a guest spot in this column, so here he is, answering his first question.


I had this Tv show in Singapore and it was really good. I think it is an anime show. But I don't know its name. It is about a spaceship called YAT and many people and robots are working in there. There is also a captain in the spaceship. The spaceship brings people from Earth to other planets in the universe. There is also love in the cartoon. Can you tell me what the cartoon's name is?


That's my boy.

HEY! Curse you...you've corrupted Answercat Jr.!

He learned from the master. BTW, the answer really is "YAT Anshin! Uchuu Ryoukou". Alright folks, see you on Friday.

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