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Ms. Answerman
The Galaxy Is Calling Me!

by Rebecca Bundy,
I can't be expected to come with an introduction EVERY time, can I?

Dear Answerman,
I love the movie, Spirited Away. But something has been bothering me. I know
I heard the dubbed voice of Haku from another animated series or movie
before but I can't figure exactly which one. Can you give me a complete list
of all the roles the voice actor has done? (Including any non-anime roles)

It's likely that you've heard or seen Jason Marsden, the English voice actor for Haku, in many places. His resume, for live shows and cartoons/anime, is a mile long. Here are a few of the larger roles that you've probably seen or heard him in: Goofy Movie(s)(Max), Step by Step (Rich), Invader Zim (numerous roles), Justice League/Static Shock (Richie Foley, others), Boy Meets World (Jason), Full House (Nelson), Batman/Superman/Batman Beyond (numerous roles), Eerie, Indiana (Dash X), and Lion King 2 (Kovu).
I would like to point out how dirty I feel knowing that one of the VAs for Spirited Away was EVER in Full House or Step By Step. Shudder.

Hello this has been on my mind for days and i just can't find anything to confirm anything. This involves a second season or movie of hellsing. First off what is the trailer type video for Psalm of Darkness? I was also searching about it and found a website that seemed to have information on a second season but it didn't have any sources. I really just want to know about that trailer thing cause ppl are talking about it more and i just don't know what to think. Thanks for your time

Please, for the last time, there isn't a second season of Hellsing. As much as everyone would kill to see it, Kouta Hirano (the mangaka for Hellsing) wants to finish the manga before they produce a second season of Hellsing. The ‘Psalm of Darkness’ is a music video/season 1 promotion for the first series of Hellsing. People try to pass it off as the promo for a second season since Captain Hermes, leader of the Millennium Nazi Organization, makes a brief appearance at the end of this clip. Trust me, the moment that a second season is made official, you'll see it on the front page of ANN and in the Encyclopedia under "H".

hey answerman,
i am new to anime, but i was wondering if you knew where i could find a
complete unedited collection of every Inu Yasha episode in one set,
preferably in english. thanks for your help.

There isn't one as far as I know. Viz hasn't released a first box set for the series, though hopefully they will considering how much it'll cost to own the entire series once it's finished. Technically, it's impossible to get *every* episode, since the series is still running without an end in sight. For now, you'll have to buy each DVD individually as they come out or check ebay for people selling InuYasha DVDs in groups, just make sure you stay away from bootlegs.

I recently finished watching the whole of Cowboy Bebop, and was confused on some things.

Spoilers. For details about the end of Cowboy Bebop, click here.

i just got done watching the Dirty Pair Flash perfect collection and i am
hooked on the series, my question is that besides the 3 ova's released is
there anything else on DPF that will be released, like a tv series or movie?
thanks in advance

Nope, that's it. Try the Original Dirty Pair if you want to see more of the Ambiguosly Gay Duo.


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