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by Zac Bertschy,
It's that time of the week again! This time, however, I don't have any interesting stories to tell or excuses to give you. So without delay, here they are!

Hi, I have a question about Dragon Knights. I noticed Tokyopop gave the manga a 13+ rating, but isn't the anime hentai? Did Tokyopop severely edit the manga, or was the director of the anime just very perverted? This question has been bugging me for a while now, and I would be very happy if you answered it.

Actually, neither assumption is correct. Dragon Knight, the anime, is indeed Hentai but it has nothing to do with Dragon Knights, the manga. Dragon Knights focuses on three cute guys and their adventures as they try to become Dragon Knights. Its 13+ rating is probably due to the violence and/or language that easily give any series, manga or anime, a teen rating. Dragon Knight, at least the first one, is based on a video game and includes adult material. I'd describe the story but if you're really interested in story, I'd suggest trying another genre.

Hello, Ms. answerman,
I have a question involving many of the Anime dvds out there. Is there a reason why the subtitles are always yellow? I mean, is it meant to be something for people to turn away from and watch anime dub?

10,000 years ago when the first Neanderthals were scratching cave paintings on the walls of their homes, they occasionally added subtitles to make the meaning clearer. Since the then-common Trakna flower, a yellow wildflower indigenous to the area, could easily be ground up and used as dye, the Neanderthals would scribe short, simplistic messages beneath their paintings. Then other Neanderthals who weren't capable of making their own cave paintings would come along and endlessly bitch about the quality of the flower dye and how accurate the captions were.
Or not. Actually it's because yellow shows up better than black or white. Take Witch Hunter Robin as an example. If you tried to subtitle that show with black or white, most of the subtitles would disappear when anything black or white comes into contact with the bottom of the screen. In contrast, yellow is less common, and with drop shadows to outline the yellow words, rarely do you lose translations to the pretty colors in the anime.

While looking through ANN's Anime Encylopedia I noticed something about Dragon Ball Z (Vancouver dub). What is it? is it another English Langage dub?

The first two seasons of DBZ, episodes 1-52, were dubbed by a company in Vancouver for Pioneer. When FUNimation started releasing Dragon Ball themselves, they started a new dub for the latter seasons. FUNimation recently decided to re-dub the first two seasons so that the voices are the same throughout the dubs aired on CN, but ANN still gives credit to the original English voice actors from Canada.

After watching the Rurouni Kenshin TV series with a friend of mine last year, I've been interested in collecting the DVD's. I was about to start purchasing them individually, but following the last episode of the series, there was mention of box sets being released sometime in 2003. I figured this would be the best route to go, but we're already halfway through the year and I've heard no news whatsoever about Media Blasters releasing said box sets. Has this idea been scrapped entirely or merely delayed? Also mentioned on the last DVD were something called "character specials." I'm clueless as to what these are exactly, so could you clarify what these are and how long these specials run?

Nope, best bet would be to look on ebay for some deals on buying the dvds. As for the ‘character specials’, they show the character and then clips of their attacks.
I know a lot of people are interested in buying a box-set instead of shelling out 20+ dollars for every DVD that's been released. I'm pretty sure that many of us who already shelled out the money for these DVDs individually would like a box to store them in. Unfortunately, those wishes will not be granted in the foreseeable future since there have been no announcements confirming the release of a box-set. The ‘character specials’ are segments that focus on the character, his or her special attacks, and a few things about them. There's nothing really new in these ‘specials’, so if you've seen the series you might as well skip them.

Now recently I bought the GI Joe movie and on the Ending credits it said Toei. at first I thought "must be a coincidence" but then I saw the little mascot thing. So my qustion is this does Toei do animation other than Anime or both western and eastern? Or Is GI Joe in actuality an Anime?

Toei is responsible for the animation of GI Joe, but it is not an anime. This series is an example of a show produced by the Japanese, but the American companies behind the cartoons do the rest (character designs, story and plot, etc). For anyone who thinks that something is anime because the Japanese drew it, you need to pull your head out of the clouds. A lot of studios in Japan are affiliated with studios in Korea and China, getting a lot of the filler animation done there while the Japanese focus on the key drawings. GI Joe is simply doing this between different countries.

This was a good group of questions. Keep them coming, unless you really want to have another filler week of information.

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