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Astro Toy
Super Robot Chogokin Shin Getter One

by David Cabrera,

Super Robot Chogokin Shin Getter One (OVA Version)
Series: Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo
Price: $70

I hear you can get a lot of hits on your internet article if you remember the 90s. Hey guys!! Remember the 90s? With Urkel? And Shin Getter Robo??

Seriously, though, Shin Getter Robo. Do you mind a little robot history? 'Course you don't. Getter Robo, the original transforming robot that denies all physical law, is like Mazinger Z's cousin: it's not really Go Nagai's baby so much as it's his close collaborator Ken Ishikawa's. Starting in the 90s, Getter Robo was revisited with a lot of new works-- Shin Getter, the bigger, stronger Getter comes from this-- and this wave in turn (along with the constant influence of Super Robot Wars) led to the reawakening of Mazinger with MazinKaiser in both game and anime forms.

This Shin Getter is the one from the late 90s OVA Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo (aka Getter Robo: Armageddon), which boasts one of the best ways for a super robot anime can possibly end.

Both Shin Getter and Kaiser are beloved super robot designs: they're muscled-up, 90s-extreme versions of classic designs meant at least in part to keep Mazinger and Getter in respectable places in the eternal super robot arms race. They're also among the biggest bruisers in Super Robot Wars whenever they appear, so I personally get this “old faithful” feeling from them.

To that effect, the Super Robot Chogokin of Shin Getter 1 is a little bigger than other pieces in the line. SRC is not a scale line; that would be impossible due to the absurdly varying heights of the robots. (Gunbuster is 200m tall!) But this figure is definitely a little beefier than others in its class-- you'll feel that when you pick it up, the diecast metal legs are especially heavy-- hence the higher price of the figure.

Comparison shots have compared this and Kaiser to the first release (Mazinger Z), but that's a little unfair because the SRC Mazinger Z is a particularly tiny figure. The idea for SRC was originally to be a compact, low-price line... but you know how it is with super robots, and that's not how the line ended up going.

Anyway, want to point out some false advertising before we go on. I have had to call out Bandai's more subtly misleading photo fabrications before, but this one is a bit much even for them.

So check out this photo. Whoa, pretty cool, looks like it lights up! Or maybe it glows in the dark, or something? It would have been unusual for this line, and I wondered how they had managed it. It's a slow release month, so what the hell. I went and bought the figure for the column.

Thing is, it's completely clear once you take this figure out of the box that it will not light up. It doesn't take batteries, and nothing's going to happen if you go some place dark with it. Nothin'. It's a beautiful figure, but lighting up with Getter Rays is one thing that it absolutely does not do. Intentionally or not, it's quite misleading, especially for the fan who understands that picture. Googling around, I saw a lot of reports and a lot of confusion about it. I'm not sure why Bandai (and the various online retailers) chose to use this picture as though it was a legit photo. It's not like this is a bad figure, and you have to tell lies about it in order to sell it.

It's actually a fantastic figure, and it's gorgeous. Look at that paint! The pearl white, the metallic crimson shoulders and knees, and that bright red. I'm really a sucker for shiny metal, you all know this by now.

The green panels on the chest and legs are clear plastic, so a certain amount of faux mechanical detail is visible behind them.

You can't tell by just looking at it-- the joints are largely hidden inside the body-- but the articulation on this figure is also pretty unbelievable. Both the upper and lower torso have such a range of motion that the robot can actually bend its torso fully forward. You know, it can do a sit-up. The shoulders swivel all the way forward in front of the chest. Some parts are also interchangeable with some of the other SRCs (Gurren Lagann, Shin Mazinger, others.) The robot toy designers at Bandai continue to outdo themselves with stuff like this.

The big reason the shoulders swivel the way they do is certainly the pose for Shin Getter's ultimate attack, Stoner Sunshine (shut up, it's great). You have to imagine the energy ball yourself.

\Also, though the huge arm blades are part of the design and shouldn't come out (canon-wise) they are detachable on this figure for convenience's sake. As usual in the Chogokin line, the blades are exactly as sharp as they look, so watch your fingers when you're handling this one, and don't give it to little kids because they'll put their eyes out. I won't take any pity, 'cause I warned you.

The lower torso actually pops out for a replacement part that replicates the Getter Beam scenes rom the anime. Of course, the articulation in the torso helps you get the proper pose for it.

The Getter Wing backpack snaps right into the back of the body (and again, is interchangeable with some other SRC backpacks). Recall that Getter One is for the sky, Getter Two is for the land, and Getter Three is for the sea. Therefore Getter One ought to be flying. You'll need a stand for that, though. Tamashii Stand not included, but like many figures in this line, Getter comes with a clip specifically designed for attaching it to one.

How's that work out? The size and weight of the figure begin to work against it here, as the Tamashii Stands I have here were clearly never intended to keep something this heavy in the air. It's possible, but very touchy. Make sure the posing arm is straight up, to support the figure with all its strength.

(Disclaimer: I used the “character” Tamashii Stand, which never gives me problems with SRCs. I have the “mechanic” Tamashii Stands, specifically for robots, coming in from Amazon next week for use with my personal collection. I'll let you know if the situation changes... but I've read that it's the same.)

Fans will notice the serious omission of the Getter Tomahawk, our psycho hero Ryoma's favorite weapon. The Getter Scythe is a different weapon... and more a consolation prize, right? I mean, think about how much less satisfying the word “SCYYYYTHE” is to scream than “TOMAHAWWWWK” is. It wouldn't be a surprise if Bandai later decided to sell the massive Tomahawk blade by itself for $30 as they've done with other big robot weapons in the past. Of course, they haven't said anything about that... yet.

Let's get it on!!

In conclusion, great toy, definitely one of the best in the SRC line yet. SRC started out as an economy line, but this is without question deluxe stuff. It's no Soul of Chogokin, but an SOC of this guy would probably cost you twice as much. (Holy crap, though, have you seen the new Yamato?)

This figure is out right this second. We paid $70 at Amiami, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get it for $68 because by the time you read this the US release will be out! I know of no plans for Shin Getter 2 and 3 in this line, and I doubt somewhat that they'll do them in this size. The companion piece for this figure, Mazinkaiser, is due in November. Our schedule is booked into next year, so I can tell you that you probably won't see it on Astro Toy... but I will likely buy it for myself. Also Evolution Toy's '04 version Getter One looks sick. I gotta get this all out of my system, guys, it's robot week.

In closing, by the time you read this I will probably... let me check my schedule here... oh, right, I'll HAVE BEEN at Anime Weekend Atlanta premiering some Kawaiikochan stuff. Missed my promo chance there. Whoops.

When he isn't killing time on fighting games and mahjong, DavidCabreramakes moe 4-panel comics about videogames atKawaiikochan.You can follow him on Twitter @sasuraiger.

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