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Tiger & Bunny: Build Your Own Hero Contest

Click here to see the entries!
Click here to see the winners!

In Tiger and Bunny, fans collect and trade collectible cards featuring their favorite heroes. We first see these cards in episode 1.

What we'd like you to do is create your own Tiger & Bunny hero and send us their trading card. This isn't an Art Contest!. While we're looking forward to some great art, it's the character description that we'll be looking at when we determine the winners. We're looking for the most original, unique and interesting heroes.

Two winning entries will each receive one Tiger & Bunny Limited Edition Japanese BluRay signed by Tiger & Bunny executive producer and co-creator, Masayuki Ozaki. This Japanese BD has English subtitles, and will play in unmodified US BluRay players. The LE version is completely sold out in Japan.

Each winner will also receive an S.H.Figuarts Wild Tiger poseable figure.

More photos of this figure here.

And finally, each winner will receive an S.H. Figuarts Barnaby Brooks Jr. poseable figure.

Entries must meet the following criteria

  1. Be original! Nothing obviously lifted from existing source material (anime, comics, movies, etcetera) will be accepted. In other words, don't submit "Arachnid-man" or "Stupendous Woman". You get it.
  2. JPEG only, 600x800 pixels, 300 kb max.

Your trading card should describe your character's personality, powers and a bit of their background (remember, most heroes keep their identity a secret!).

Here's a sample entry we prepared. We challenge you to do better!

You can use our template or create your own.

Bonus Round!

Optionally, you can also submit the other side of your card (see above) for a chance to win another prize. This "bonus round" will be judged on artistic merit and originality, the entry we like the most will win a box of 10 Tiger & Bunny Deformation Master Petite Trading Figures from Bandai Japan.

E-mail submissions to [email protected] (crazycatgirl at animenewsnetwork.com). Your e-mail must contain your name., or pseudonym, and your entry.

Submissions must be received no later than Saturday, November 5, at 11:59 EDT.

Watch Tiger & Bunny starting from episode 1 right here (USA Only).

Prizes were graciously donated by Sunrise and Bandai Visual. This contest sponsored by Viz Media.

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