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What does Sailor Moon mean to you? - Winners!

The Grand Prize Winner will be announced Tuesday, July 22!

The original contest called for 5 winners. Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place and Most Creative to be chosen by the Sailor Moon licensors (Viz Media and Toei) and one Audience Favorite to be chosen by the ANN audience.

In addition, because there have been so many amazing entries, we have decided to give away 3 Honorable Mentions. These winners will receive their choice of the Sailor Moon DVD Box Set or Combo Pack when they are released in November.

And Now, our winners:

Grand Prize

Bemi Tellove
It's pretty incredible what effects our childhood heroes have on us! This is a drawing of Sailor Moon and a younger me; I had a rough childhood and often say that Sailor Moon helped save me. Its positivity distracted me from my unpleasant surroundings, it introduced me to the world of anime and manga, it played a part in me becoming more social and making lifelong friends, and it inspired me to draw a lot more which led me to become an artist. I love how Sailor Moon is so special to people and has touched so many lives.

Audience Favorite

Princess Mentality Cosplay
With a transformative incantation and an immediately recognizable pair of odangos, Sailor Moon gave me the strength to face any challenge with my head held high - even when I was told I had no place in this fandom because of the color of my skin. She taught me the importance of equality, acceptance and unwavering optimism. My love for this series is so deeply embedded in my personality - it's a part of who I am, who I was, and who I'll one day become. Simply put, the woman I am today would not exist without Sailor Moon.

Honorable Mentions

These winners will receive their choice of DVD box set of Combo Pack box set in November.

Brianna Angelakis
The moment the television announcer exclaimed, "Next up, the pigtailed fighting teenage super heroine, Sailor Moon!", my life changed forever. My obsession with Sailor Moon began in 1996, and it would only continue to escalate as I spent my free time repetitively drawing her. Eighteen years later, I'm a fine artist claiming the core cause of my passion for the arts and female empowerment began with my lifelong love for Sailor Moon. In celebration of Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary and Sailor Moon Crystal, I'm sharing my newest oil painting of the pretty guardian herself, our Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon stands up for and selflessly gives of herself to help others, despite the cost. She holds onto hope even when things seem bleak. She believes that everyone has kindness within. She trusts in the power of her love to dispel anger and hatred, choosing instead to purify and heal.

Evan MacIsaac
For me, Sailor Moon represents a fantastic array of inspiration. At first glance, it's a fun adventure that entertains. Look a little deeper and you'll find imagery of true friendship, optimism, and romance. Dig further and you'll find themes such as the strength in diversity and the curious power found in naivety. The sailor team shows us that absolutely everyone has value, and that simple feminism might just save the world.
Sailor Moon is an exploration into the human condition, from a perspective too often overlooked because of high-pitched voices, glitter, and fabulous hairstyles.

First Place

The reason I love Sailor Moon is because it opened the entire universe to me. When the Sailor Soldiers visited the moon, I realized that Earth was surrounded by the mystery of space. I became dedicated to learning about astronomy and space exploration, and have pursued a career in aerospace engineering. Today, I help scientists send their experiments to the International Space Station. Sailor Moon gave me more than strong female role models; it also helped inspire my career with the stars.

Second Place

Gabbie S.
In my perspective, Sailor Moon symbolizes feminism because she is a female superhero who conquers perilous situations by herself without the help of a man. Most superheroes are usually males and demonstrate that men have strength and power to save the world with their masculine abilities. However, Sailor Moon demonstrates that women also carry warrior characteristics just like men. Sailor Moon influenced me to become a woman's activist to fight for gender equality and gain women rights in other countries of the world. When I grow up, I don't want to be a "princess," I want to become a warrior.

Most Creative

Eric Pietrangolare
I have devoted my artistic existence to Sailor Moon. From voice-acting in Sailor Moon Abridged to creative-directing Sailor Moon the Movie and my gallery-worthy and on-going photography series "Moonlight Legends" which I have poured my life and soul into for over a year.
Whenever I thought I couldn't go on artistically, Sailor Moon was there to show me a new way to think creatively. Sailor Moon is the reason I became and stayed an artist, and it forever will be my inspiration.

Congratulations to Princess Mentality Cosplay, Eric, Lycorius and Gabbie! They both wins pretty nifty Sailor Moon prize packages.

Audience Favorite

Sailor Moon “ I Was There” bow
Sailor Moon Announcement postcard
Sailor Moon Announcement poster
Sailor Moon 2014 Commemorative coin
Sailor Neptune Cell Phone Case ( iPhone 5)
Sailor Moon 3” button
Sailor Moon Sticker set
Sailor Moon Magnet set
Sailor Mars S.H. Figurarts
Sailor Venus S.H. Figurarts
Sailor Mars Clutch
Sailor Venus cell phone case ( Samsung Galaxy S4)
Sailor Saturn metal key chain
Sailor Moon metal key chain
Sailor Moon clock
Sailor Moon brooch wristband
Sailor Jupiter T shirt
Sailor Moon sticker sheet
Sailor Pluto T shirt
Sailor Moon T shirt
Sailor Venus T shirt
Sailor Saturn T shirt
Tuxedo Mask Tank Top
Tuxedo Mask Lanyard
Sailor Moon logo necklace
Princess Serenity 3-ring binder
Sailor Mars 2 inch button

Lycorius' loot:

First Place

Sailor Moon Announcement postcard
Sailor Moon “ I Was There” bow
Sailor Moon Announcement poster
Sailor Moon 2014 Commemorative coin
Pocket files
Wall scroll
Sailor Moon iphone 4 case
Sailor Senshi iphone 4 case
Chibi Usa T
Sailor Moon Sweatshirt
Sailor Saturn shirt
Sailor Uranus shirt
Sailor Senshi Gashapon ( set of 6 )
Sailor Mercury clutch
Sailor mercury cell phone strap
Transformation pen rubber key chain
Sailor Jupiter metal cell phone strap
Sailor Venus metal cell phone strap
Sailor Uranus metal cell phone strap

Gabbie's loot:

Second Place

Sailor Moon Announcement postcard
Sailor Moon “ I Was There” bow
Sailor Moon Announcement poster
Sailor Moon 2014 Commemorative coin
Chibi Usa T
Sailor Moon Sweatshirt
Sailor Moon Binder
Sailor Moon Insulated Lunch bag
Sailor Gaurdian Silloutte shirt
Sailor Gaurdian T
Sailor Jupiter Samsung S4 Case
Sailor Gaurdian iPhone 4 case
Sailor Jupiter metal cell phone strap
Tuxedo Mask cell phone strap
Sailor Moon metal key chain
Moon Stick Rubber key chain
Artemis patch
Sailor Moon mini pins
Sailor Venus Clutch
Sailor Moon post cards
Sailor Jupiter dog tag
Sailor Jupiter vinyl decal

Eric's loot:

Proplica Moonstick
Sailor Moon Announcement postcard
Sailor Moon “ I Was There” bow
Sailor Moon Announcement poster
Sailor Moon 2014 Commemorative coin
Sailor Moon Set 1 Limited Edition DVD/BD combo pack

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