Otakon - 2003
Broccoli Books / Synch-Point

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Company Representative: Saki Yamashita

The only new item made public at the Synch Point/Anime Gamers panel was that Broccoli is hoping to license the Galaxy Angel PS2 game to a company with prior experience in releasing PS2 games. Their hope is that the game would be released in such a way as to complement Bandai's upcoming release of the TV series.

It was mentionned that Pita-Ten has been acquired for US release by an unspecified company, and that the Di Gi Charat novel may also have been aquired.

There is a new English Di Gi Charat manga titled "Di Gi Charat Theater Dejiko's Adventure" by Yuki Kiriga.

Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation is a compilation of various stories about Dejiko and her friends by different artists, including original concept and design artist Koge-Donbo. The manga will be presented unflipped, in its original format. Sound effects are translated. "Nyo" and the other sounds will be preserved. A special extra of Gema Gema comics, the 4-panel comic strip from "From Gamers" will be included, as will comments from the artists, translation notes, a special comment from the CEO of Broccoli, an interview with Koge-Donbo and A History of Di Gi Charat.

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