O-Chibicon 2004

"The Biggest Little Con in Texas" took place August 6th though 8th at the Hampton and Clarion Inn's in Houston Texas. Since the convention was right in ADV Films back yard, they were of course present. In addition to convention regulars Matt Greenfield and David Williams, DVD Coordinator Janice Williams and ADV voice actors Greg Ayres, Tiffany Grant, Samantha Inoue Harte and Chris Patton were all present. Additionally, FUNimation voice actor Mike McFarlane and and Star Blazers voice actress Amy Howard Wilson were also present. Bringing up the academic side of things were University of Texas scholars Susan Napier and Marc Hairston.

As can be be expected, O-Chibicon was not the location of any major licensing announcements, but David Williams did confirm that ADV Films has the license for Divergence EVE ~Misaki Chronicles~, a title that had previously been linked to ADV, but never officially confirmed. Also announced, ADV will be releasing Kekko Kamen (part of their back-catalog) on DVD for the first time with a new dub.

ANN reader Fernando Gonzalez Jr was present at O-Chibicon and attended the ADV panel, hosted by Matt Greenfield. Fernando sent us a transcript of a few of the Q&A that were brought up at the panel

Q: "You are a producer [for live action Evangelion]. Will you be making a cameo in the film? Traditionally this is the case [for producers]"

A: Greenfield commented on what seemed to be an inside joke on his possible appearance in the film, but he did directly state:

"We are definitely trying to have all of the VAs involved in the film. Both Japanese and American voice actors. We hope each one can have a cameo of some sort. Of course, this will all depend when we actually get closer to the project [production]. Scheduling and so forth."

Q: When answering questions on the film, he reiterated, as he did in other cons and venues, that actors are not currently being seriously considered as the project is in its earliest pre-production. He cited the kids from Harry Potter as a good example of what can happen in a few years.

A: "Before any of that we need a Director. We are currently talking to 7 to 8 directors. These guys are all 'A lists'"

He went on to say that, of course, casting choices would be made by the Director.

Q: "What kind of financial risk will the live action Evangelion be to ADV Films?"

A: Greenfield went on to say, that it is not a financial risk because IT IS Evangelion. He believes that the high production values of Weta, the passion for the project and its worldwide following will guarantee its success.

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