Anime Expo 2005
Anime Expo - Tokyopop

by Mikhail Koulikov,

Image by Pinguino
Although ANN was not able to attend the TOKYOPOP panel, we talked with TOKYOPOP PR Coordinator Matt Nixon and confirmed that it has licensed the manga Bus Gamer, Rozen Maiden, and Steady Beat for US release. Other upcoming TOKYOPOP titles include the American-drawn I Luv Halloween, War on Flesh, and Off*Beat, and the manga versions of Samurai Champloo and Devil May Cry 3, both of which had been announced earlier in the year.

Anime Expo also marks the opening of the sixth Rising Stars of Manga competition. The submission deadline for entries and application forms is January 15, 2006, and complete rules are available online at Tokyopop's website.

Finally, TOKYOPOP will be translating and publishing the first Kino's Journey novel. This project will be used to further test the cost-effectiveness of releasing Japanese novels related to anime and manga titles, and if the first novel sells well enough, TOKYOPOP will consider releasing the remaining five as well.

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