Anime Expo 2005
Anime Expo - Range Murata Focus Panel

Have you considered designing clothes?
I have a line of clothing, watches, and sunglasses under the GoFA brand in Tokyo. I am sorry that you cannot buy them in the States.

How did you choose the artists for Robot?
I know a lot of people in the art industry (like Koboyashi, points) and I just asked them to do it.

Are you planning to do more artwork for future Robot volumes, and will you be asking Tsukasa Jun to contribute?
I know a lot more people that want to contribute, but Tsukasa Jun is very busy so I don't know if he will have time.

How did you come up with the title/theme of Robot?
I was trying to come up with a solid theme, and when I spelled it in robotic letters, it had three boxes in a row, and I liked the way it looked.

Do you have a model for your artwork, or do you just pluck them from the air?
I just like girls with short hair, so I draw them a lot.

What media do you use for your illustrations?
I do everything with CG, and I do my work with Photoshop. Most of the Robot artists use CG and there aren't that many that use traditional media.

In the first two Robot volumes, there aren't many illustrations by he planning more in future volumes?
I always try to do more, but I don't have time. I am working on character designs for a piece with Gonzo, and it should be out next year.

How did you start out in illustration?
At first, I was working a lot on doujinshi, and a lot of editors from different companies came to me, and the current president of Wani magazine asked me to start there.

Did you attend art school and study life drawing?
I attended industrial design school, but I still ended up drawing bishoujo in the end.

Are you into reviewing or accepting fan work for Robot?
I am always open to any artwork, I'll look at anything that people send me.

For Solty Rei, Murata is listed as 'concept designer'...what is his involvement with this project?
I designed the bike that one the characters rides, but that's all I was involved with. The original writer of the series is a friend of mine, and he asked me to design the bike for him, and I couldn't say no.

Do you look up to any other artists, or use anyone for inspiration?
It depends, mostly it just comes to me.

How do you decide what artwork become figures?
THe companies that make the figures ask me if they can make them, and I let them.

What do you look to for mechanical design inspiration? A lot of the designs seem to recall my grandfather's this intentional?
I think designs from that time have not been abandoned, design just evolves and I don't think modern design is better or worse than older designs.

Where did the name PSE come from?
It recalls a pen name I used at one time, but has no real meaning.

Can you give any details on the project you are working on with Gonzo?
I think it is okay to give this information, it's called Maldox Scramble (ed: spelling unconfirmed), and it is based on a novel that won an award for sci-fi, and I am doing the character design for it. The series of OVAs will be done entirely in 3D, and it is the first time I will design in 3D. It is a challenge to see if I can maintain my touch with design working in 3D.

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