Anime Boston 2006
Media Blasters

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Presenter: John Sirabella

Although this is not yet an official license announcement, Media Blasters is co-producing a new Kite OVA. This will focus on a new character, but Sawa will make an appearance as well.

Media Blasters will also be releasing Takashi Miike's recent parody/SF feature Zebraman.

The other major projects on the company's calendar through the rest of this year are Voltron and GaoGaiGar. The first disk of GaoGaiGar will contain at least five episodes, and since it is somewhat of a niche title, it is hoped that the upcoming release of Voltron will introduce or familiarize viewers with it.

At this point, Media Blasters is not interested in offering anime episodes for download, but is definitely considering distribution to cellphones. Similarly to the views expressed by representatives of several of the other anime companies, Media Blasters is also waiting to see how the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray competition resolves before committing to either format.

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