Anime Expo 2007
Digital Manga Publishing

by Evan Miller,
Panelists: Rachel Livingston and Erica Jeng

After introducing themselves, the panelists introduced forthcoming manga releases from Digital Manga Publishing (DMP). These titles include Vampire Hunter D, Enchanter, Megami Deluxe, Heroes Are Extinct!, Flower of Life, and Princess Princess. The panelists mentioned that Media Blasters is releasing the Princess Princess anime.

The panelists apologized for the cancellation of the remaining volumes of the Robot manga, describing the title as "stuck in licensing hell.”

DMP used their panel as an opportunity to announce a few new acquisitions. New title announcements include the comedy-drama series Family Complex by Mikiyo Tsuda, and the art book Flamboyant by Burst Angel Character Designer Hakua Ugetsu. The panelists mentioned that the American release of Flamboyant will feature four pages of art that the Japanese version did not have.

A new division under DMP, DMP Platinum, was also announced. They will be releasing a two volume set of the original Speed Racer manga that features restored artwork.

DMP invited all panelists to visit their booth in the exhibit hall and advertised some upcoming promotions for their titles and also invited members of the audience that are 18 and over to attend their Yaoi panel.

This report has been verified with a studio representative.

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