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New York ComicCon 2007
The Right Stuf International

by Christopher Macdonald,
Studio Representatives: Shawne Kleckner and Joe Digiorgi

The Right Stuf's Shawne Kleckner held a brief, 15-minute panel at New York Comic-Con on Sunday morning. After a very brief talk about the company's history. TRSI was originally founded in 1987 to sell high-end telescopes, and as such it was named after 1983 Philip Kaufman movie. The company's first anime license was Astro Boy. TRSI will celebrate it's 20th Anniversarry this year, and they will be launching a new logo to commemorate the anniversarry.

Following the talk about the company's history, Kleckner played the trailer for the company's new title, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye. TRSI has entered into a distribution deal with Kadokawa Pictures USA for this title, while Kadokawa Pictures will remain the master licensor, TRSI will produce the English dub, produce the DVDs and handle marketing and distribution. The deal is very similar to the one that Kadokawa Pictures USA has in place with Bandai Entertainment for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The Third will be dubbed by Joe Digiorgi's Headline Studios, which has dubbed many TRSI titles since Buttobi!! CPU, including Boogiepop Phantom, Kare Kano and Gravitation. Dubbing on The Third is set to begin on Tuesday. The dub will be a bi-coastal production with some voice actors recording their lines in Los Angeles and other recording theirs in New York. While the cast was not announced, Digiorgi did say that the lead actress was an LA actress who recently moved to New York.

TRSI has HD masters for The Third, however it will not be released in HD. It will however be released in its original, wide-screen format.

The Third is expected to be released mid-summer 2007.

More information will be available from the official website, thethirdanime.com. However at the time of this article, the website has not yet been updated with information about the release.

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