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Otakon 2007
Manga Entertainment

by Evan Miller,
Panelist Keith Burgess thanked the audience for showing up to the panel at 10 A.M. The first title introduced was Karas, which is being released on two DVDs with 3 OVA episodes each. Burgess described Karas as an amazing series that “keeps getting better and better.” The second movie for the series will feature one casting change for the dub, with Cree Summer taking over the role of Yurina.

Burgess talked about some of the company's other upcoming releases. The third volume of Tokko, described by Burgess as “nothing like Shaun of the Dead,” will be released soon. Another project the studio is working on is Noein, which was described as a “just crazy” series where the director allegedly checked with a scientist on the facts and data in the anime. Finally, the series Strait Jacket, described as “Blade Runner” and “The Professional” pushed together, is also being released.

The company hopes to announce more acquisitions for 2008 in the near future. Since Starz Entertainment owns the company, there is a possibility that one “Masters of Horror” series broadcast by Starz will be anime related in the future.

The company announced plans to rebuild the “Manga Fan Club” with a “number ID” system that entitles members to discounts at certain stores and online stores. Burgess also mentioned the possibility of setting up local fan parties at the time of local screenings.

When the floor was opened to questions, many attendees asked questions about the possibility of DVD Thinpak releases and DVD re-releases of other titles. Burgess mentioned that re-releases are always a possibility, but the company wants to make sure that a re-release has a good number of extras for the fans.

This report has been verified by a studio representative.

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