Manifest 2009 - Full Report
Manifest 2009 - Photo Gallery

by Jon Hayward,

Manifest 2009 was a pretty massive event, in fact their largest yet with over 6000 attendees for the weekend. As such it had a massive amount to do and with a massive amount to do comes a massive amount to see and with that comes a metric ton of photographs. So here's some of that massive pile, a selection if you will. We start off with photos of Manifest in general i.e around the grounds, cosplayers and stuff. We then move onto pictures of the Activities Hall containing stalls, shoppers, gamers and more. Then we have both the Cosplay and the Fruits pictures to round out the set. It'll take you a while to look through them all. Finally a massive thanks again to Mark Sombillo, Jacky Fan and Biccy Wong for being the ANN|AU photographers for the event, without them I wouldn't have been buried by photos for four weeks ;>.>


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