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Anime Expo 2010
Right Stuf Inc. & Nozomi Entetainment Industry Panel

by Gia Manry,

The Right Stuf International president Shawne Kleckner opened up the company's panel with a short presentation of current releases:

Then came upcoming releases:

Next came new announcements:

After anime titles, Kleckner moved on to the Nozomi Entertainment special-edition lithograph program; the next series to get a lithograph will be Azumanga Daioh.

Finally, Nozomi Entertainment has announced a new partnership with MusicSkins.com, with whom they will create protective coverings for phones, MP3 players, and other devices featuring anime art. The initial releases will be available at Right Stuf and MusicSkins and feature ARIA, as well as original works.

Right Stuf representative Alison Roberts confirmed that the Revolutionary Girl Utena release will feature an English dub, the original dub from the Central Park Media releases.

During the Q&A, Kleckner confirmed that Utena will be released in three 13-episode DVD box sets. He also confirmed that there will be bonus materials for Dirty Pair which will be announced later.

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