Anime Boston 2011
Day 2

by Gia Manry,

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Saturday was unofficially Industry Day at Anime Boston, which was supposed to start with a State of the Industry panel at 1:00 p.m. Surprisingly, only two representatives from Funimation showed up at the panel— you can decide whether you find that telling or not. In the absence of anyone else, I helped out by moderating the panel, which you can read our report on here.

Immediately following the State of the Industry panel (and even in the same room) came David Williams' Sentai Filmworks panel, which also included the premiere of the company's English-language dub of Angel Beats!. Our panel report is here

Finally, later in the evening came Funimation's industry panel, during which the company announced that it will simulcast Aria The Scarlet Ammo and answered the usual set of questions (thankfully they were mostly different ones than what was covered during the State of the Industry panel).

Other panels of interest on Saturday included a Satoshi Kon retrospective hosted by Anime World Order's Daryl Surat, a panel on families that "geek" together and therefore "keep" together, and an analysis of the Superflat modern art style. And of course, Saturday night is rave night, so wandering the halls felt something like a high school co-ed slumber party, with kids running around finding anything they can think of to do so that they didn't have to go to sleep.

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