Anime Boston 2011
Day 3

by Gia Manry,

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Sundays are always the quietest day of the con, and this may be particularly true when the con takes place on Easter weekend. Nothing stops cosplay though, and even some families walking through the mall during their Easter celebrations were getting into the spirit of things, taking pictures of their small children with characters who they may not have even recognized.

The panel schedule, however, was anything but empty: there was another Satoshi Kon remembrance panel for those who missed Surat's the day prior, the usual convention feedback panel, and even a feedback panel just for the cosplay masquerade.'s Charles and Abby also hosted a panel titled "An International Game of Telephone," in which they explore the history of the back-and-forth ping pong match that is the influence of the U.S. on Japanese culture and vice-versa. Apparently they'll be repeating the panel at AnimeNEXT as well.

After a few more circles through the convention center, the Sheraton, and the surrounding shopping area, the convention began to shut down and the attendees started their journeys home.

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