Anime Expo 2011
Aksys Games Industry Panel

by Carlo Santos,

A near-capacity crowd of game enthusiasts filled up Aksys Games' industry panel at Anime Expo 2011. A slideshow opening with the tagline of "The Most Awesome Game Publisher Ever" promised lots of irreverent humor to come.

Public Relations co-ordinator James Xie led off the panel with a brief introduction, then launched into a presentation of new, upcoming Aksys titles. First up was RPG Fate: Extra, based on the popular Fate franchise by Type-Moon. The game is due out later in 2011. Also coming soon is PSP game Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, the bishounen game set in Japan's Meiji era. The panelists also brought forward a few cosplayers to introduce the characters of the Hakuoki franchise.

After the presentation, the panel was opened up to questions.

Several attendees asked about the packaging for the newly announced games. They will be released as both boxed products (including special editions) and also in digital download format. The dub voice cast for these games has not been planned out yet, but Xie confirmed that the original Japanese voices will also be retained in these games. Also, while Fate: Extra is considered a spinoff from the main Fate games in Japan, Aksys has no current plans to release the core titles.

On the subject of other Aksys products, the possibility of a U.S. release for the Record of Agarest War sequel may be answered at the Idea Factory industry panel on Day 3. It was also mentioned during the Q&A session that there will be 43 new add-on downloads coming out for Record of Agarest War Zero. Another attendee asked about the hope of re-acquiring the Guilty Gear licenses, but there is "no comment" as of now. Fans were also wishfully thinking about a Blazblue/Guilty Gear crossover, but Xie said that the game's creator would rather finish out the Blazblue storyline before that happens.

Most other audience questions were essentially a licensing wishlist of games they would like to see Aksys publish in North America, for which the company has no concrete plans yet.

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