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by Crystalyn Hodgkins,

Aniplex of America marketing specialists Joanna Metoki and EJ Rivera hosted the panel on Friday afternoon. Rivera started the panel by showing off a sizzle reel of various Aniplex USA properties such as Sword Art Online, Valvrave the Liberator, Oreimo, Durarara!!, and more.

Fans can visit Aniplex's website at Aniplex recently launched the website that streams new anime and catalog titles. Aniplex USA is also on Facebook and Twitter, and also has a YouTube channel.

Rivera also pointed out Tomohiko Ito, the director of Sword Art Online, who was in the audience. Sword Art Online producer Shinichiro Kashiwada was also in the audience. Additionally, Bryce Papenbrook (voice of Kirito) and Cherami Leigh (voice of Asuna) is also at the convention. Ito and Kashiwada are hosing autograph sessions and guest panels at the convention, and will also be in attendance at the Sword Art Online dub screening and Q&A panel on Saturday. Papenbrook and Leigh are also hosting autograph sessions and guest panels at the convention. Aniplex is also hosting cosplay gatherings for Magi and Sword Art Online throughout the weekend.

Metoki then introduced anime that are currently streaming. For each series, Aniplex showed a quick trailer. Aniplex is currently streaming: Fate/Zero, which is streaming dubbed on Viz's Neon Alley service; Oreimo season 2, which is currently streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and the Aniplex Channel; and Valvrave the Liberator, which is also streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and the Aniplex Channel.

Rivera then discussed the series that are now available on home video. Each series was also introduced via a preview trailer. Nisemonogatari is now available in a limited-edition Blu-ray Disc box set. Gurren Lagann is also available now on DVD, and the Blu-ray Disc import box set will be available on June 26. The DVD boxset will include the entire series including an unaired episode 6, postcards, a booklet, stickers, a poster, and soundtrack CDs. The Blu-ray Disc has the whole TV series and both films, a hardcover book, Gurren Lagann Parallel Works, and more. Additionally, Oreimo season 1 is now available on Blu-ray Disc. The set includes all 12 episode and the four OVAs, character commentary, and a clear sleeve case. Also available is the Mikunopolis Blu-ray Disc and CD combo set, which is a recording of the Hatsune Miku concert that was held in Los Angeles a few years ago. The set comes with a double-sided poster and making of bonus videos.

Next Rivera talked about home video releases coming soon. The first two Madoka Magica films will ship on Blu-ray Disc in two different editions on July 30. Those interested can pre-order now on Right Stuf or on Aniplex's website. The collector's edition will include a Japanese booklet with a separate translation booklet by Aniplex, and a postcard.

Rivera then revealed new announcements. The first announcement was that Aniplex is releasing Blue Exorcist on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Pre-orders start on May 28. The show will be released on bilingual DVD and Blu-ray Disc in two sets on July 9 and September 10. Rivera then showed a preview for the Blue Exorcist film, which recently opened in Japanese theaters. Aniplex will premiere the film subitled at Anime Expo in July with subtitles. The film's character designer Keigo Sasaki and producer Takamitsu Inoue will be at Anime Expo.

Rivera then revealed that it is releasing Sword Art Online on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. After showing a dub trailer, Rivera then outlined the release schedule. Aniplex will release the series in a limited-edition box set and a regular DVD edition. The release will have English and Japanese audio and English and Spanish subtitles. The BD set will include audio commentary by creators and the Japanese cast, and the “Sword Art OFFline” special animation. Rivera then showed a preview for “Sword Art OFFline.” Other bonus features in the BD box set includes an original soundtrack CD, a booklet, a rigid boxset illustrated by abec, the original character designer, and a Bushiroad card.

The series will ship in four volumes in August, September, October, and November. Pre-orders start on May 28.

Rivera then announced via a special Toonami video that Sword Art Online will air on Toonami starting in August.

Rivera then launched into a brief Q&A. He could not say if Fate/Zero will get a home video release with an English dub, and he could not confirm if Aniplex would be releasing the third Madoka Magica film.

Rivera then held a raffle to end the panel, and gave out prizes from Japan such as a Madoka Magica mat and clear file, a Fate/Zero poster, and Sword Art Online posters.

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