Ikaruga Shooter Game Launches for PS4 on June 29

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins

Game developer Treasure announced on Monday that it will release its Ikaruga game digitally for PlayStation 4 on June 29 for 980 yen (about US$9). The game will have 4K support on PlayStation Pro and 4K monitors. The game is a port of the PC version of the game released on Steam.

Hiroshi Iuchi directed the game at Treasure, and the game debuted in Japanese arcades in 2001, followed by its first console release on the Dreamcast in 2002. The game also received a Gamecube release in 2003, an Xbox 360 release in 2008, and a release on PC via Steam by Necalis in 2014. Nicalis launched the game on Nintendo Switch on May 29.

The game's unique feature is centered on the game's black and white polarities. Players can switch their ship between black and white modes at any time, and enemies similarly are marked as either black or white, and fire projectiles of their respective color. Players absorb similarly colored enemy projectiles, but can be destroyed by differently colored enemy projectiles. In turn, if the player hits an enemy with a different color, the enemy takes twice as much damage, but destroying an enemy with a similar color also yields rewards. Players must manage their color switches, choosing which projectiles to evade and which to absorb, while also strategizing around enemy colors.

Sources: Treasure's official website, 4Gamer

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