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The Edit List
Sailor Moon Super S Movie

by Kyle Pope,

Sailor Moon Super S Movie

Well other than a few episodes of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon the only thing left to bring over is Sailor Stars. The movies have had their debut. It seems odd that a show originally made for children would have to be edited before it could be broadcast in the US. As usual the conditions governing the first two edit lists cover this one as well.

1) Original opening animation replaced with generic opening. Title card reading "Black Dream Hole" added.

2) Scene of Usagi/Serena spanking Chibiusa/Rini to wake her up cut.

3) Four shot of the Sailor Senshi/Scouts saying "transform" cut.

4) Interior body lines of Sailor Senshi/Scouts removed from transformations.

5) Scene of Tuxedo Kamen/Mask struggling to his feet only to be picked up and slammed into the side of the airship cut.

6) Scenes of luminously nude Sailor Senshi/Scouts cut.

Of course the short "Ami-chan no Hatsukoi" (Ami-chan's First Love) was not shown after the movie. Well there you have the Sailor Moon movies in all their glory. Nice to see Sailor Moon and friends on Cartoon Network after so long an absence.


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