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The Edit List
Cowboy Bebop Second Run - ep. 6

by Kyle Pope,

Cowboy Bebop: Sympathy for the Devil

1) Spike's lower nudity blacked out during surgery sequence. (Unnecessary since nothing was shown)

2) Blood and bullet hole digitally removed from Giraffe's back.

3) Scene of Wen under his father's charred body after the gate explosion shortened.

4) Flash and blood of bullet impact to Wen's head in the warehouse digitally removed.

5) Blood splatter on warehouse floor digitally reduced.

6) Jet's "Oh, shit..." changed to "Oh, crap...".

7) Jet's second "shit" removed.

8) Bullet hole digitally removed from Wen's forehead.

The first of the "lost episodes" makes its appearance. I'm still at a loss to understand why it was deleted in the first place. The edits to this one were minimal and concentrated mainly around the damage bullets do to human flesh. Nothing here that hasn't shown up in edits of other episodes. Actually of the three skipped episodes this one has the highest quotient of things CN is likely to edit.


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