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Tenchi in Tokyo - ep. 15 & 16:

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 15: Love Match

1. Mihoshi's "...because I put on that nurse's uniform you like to wear..." changed to "...because I put on that new outfit you like to wear..." and "...because I poured tequila on your computer and it got drunk and threw up square roots" changed to "...because I poured syrup on your computer and it got sick and threw up some square roots".

2. Washuu's "...the cost of the drinks, cigarettes and the newspaper he reads every day." changed to "...the cost of drinks, cookies and the newspaper he reads every day".

3. Blood digitally removed from Amagasaki's lip.

4. Pan up Tenchi's body as he's lying on top of Sakuya cut.

Given that the Nurse Washuu scene was never aired on Toonami it makes no sense to change Mihoshi's line about the nurse's uniform. Without that context there's nothing objectionable about that line. As for the last edit I wouldn't have thought that would be a problem given the all the clinches shown between Tenchi and the other girls throughout the run of the series.

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 16: Carnival!

1. Completely unedited.

Not surprising.


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