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Pilot Candidate - ep. 7: Pro Ing

by Kyle Pope,

Pilot Candidate, Episode 7: Pro Ing

1. Roose's "Aw, hey guys this is sexual harassment" changed to "Oh come on. This is just harassment you guys".

2. Roose's flashback to Wrecka and his subsequent blushing about it cut.

3. Zero's "Do you do secrets?" changed to "Do you know why Roose is like that?"

4. Kizna's "Secrets?" changed to "Like what?"

5. Zero's "Is that something to blush about?" changed to "Is something wrong with your ears?"

6. Zero's "This is it! The Deathblow!" changed to "This is it! The last blow!"

7. Woman in the Light now wears a digital uniform.

8. Blood digitally removed from child's ear in preview.

I don't know what happened between Roose and Wrecka but apparently they do at CN because they redubbed over all references to it. The problem is that this alteration has rendered the cafeteria scene between Zero and Kizna incomprehensible.


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