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The Edit List
Tenchi in Tokyo - ep. 20 to 24

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 20: Old Friends

1. Ryouko's "This booze tastes a whole lot better in a stolen cup" changed to "This stuff tastes a whole lot better in a stolen cup".

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 21: Real Friends?

1. Shot of girls fighting in the bath in Kiyone's flashback cut.

2. Yuugi's "Please don't kill them!" changed to "Please don't hurt them!"

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 22: Sakuya's Secret

1. Completely unedited.

If they keep this up CN will put me out of business.

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 23: Here, There and Everywhere

1. Scene of Ryouko robbing booze from a bar cut.

2. Ryouko's "...and more sake than I could ever drink" changed to "...and more stuff than I could ever want".

3. Hotsuma's "And all she cares about is money, getting drunk and wrecking things" cut.

4. Scene of Ryouko swimming underwater in the bath cut.

5. Ryouko's "And you're right about me drinking too much and being selfish" cut.

6. Ryouko wears a blue digital bikini in the bath.

7. Scene of Ryouko standing in the drained bath cut.

8. Pan up Ryouko's body as she stands before a mirror cut.

9. Remy Martin labels and martini glass digitally removed from shot of photo of Ryouko and Tenchi.

10. Sakuya wears a digital one-piece bathing suit during Washuu's analysis.

I guess this one makes up for all those unedited episodes that went before.

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 24: Yuugi's Shadow

1. Hotsuma's "How do you like your lover now, Ryouko?" changed to "How do you like your boyfriend now, Ryouko?"

2. Scene of Mihoshi with her face in the dirt and her butt in the air cut.

The second edit makes no sense since Mihoshi had virtually the same scene in Tenchi Universe and that scene was left intact.


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