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InuYasha - ep. 2 & 3

by Kyle Pope,
InuYasha, Episode 2: Seekers of the Sacred Jewel

1) Not an Edit... Centipede Demon gets her breasts back.

So here we have the first completely unedited episode. I have to wonder why they edited the first episode if they were only going to reverse themselves later. Not only that, we get to see an animated corpse with a gaping hole in its chest get impaled on InuYasha's arm. This is pretty gruesome stuff for a Cartoon Network show.

InuYasha, Episode 3: Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again

1) Centipede Demon's breasts digitally removed again.

And they were doing so well, too. I wish they'd make up their minds. However that was minor compared to what was left in this episode. Kagome bathing. Nude no less. Even though nothing was shown (the manga was a bit more explicit) they did come very close on several occasions. And yet there wasn't a drop of digital paint to be seen. And the adorable and scantilly clad Yura was unaltered as well. This is rather surprising when you remember that in Tenchi Muyou CN painted digital bikinis on characters who were wearing towels.

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