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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 1

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 01: Handsome Swordsman of Legend

1) Not an Edit... Blood splashes from Battousai's attack left in.

2) Shot of the tip of Gohei's sword dripping blood cut.

3) Blood splashes from Gohei's attack digitally painted white. (So why did they leave Battousai's red?)

4) Not an Edit... Kaoru does not wear a digital bikini in the bath.

5) Splash of blood from student's wound digitally removed.

6) Flow of blood from Gohei's smashed thumb digitally removed. Subsequent shots of Gohei's thumb have the quantity of blood digitally reduced.

7) Gohei's "I've been waiting in the bowels of Hell..." changed to "I've been waiting in the bowels of the earth...".

8) Gohei's "I'll complete my revenge when I kill you and destroy this school. I'll make sure you go to Hell slowly." changed to "I'll complete my revenge when I destroy both you and this school. I'll make sure I finish you slowly."

9) Gohei thug's "Oh my god!" changed to "Oh my gosh!"

10) Heart of Sword ED used instead of Tactics ED.

I almost had to remind myself that I was watching Toonami rather than Adult Swim. I guess things are loosening up aboard the Absolution. With a single listed exception all references to death including use of the words "kill", "murder", "slay", "die" and "death" were left intact. But then it would be hard to do a show about a reformed assassin whose past keeps finding him without references to death. This could be more interesting than I had originally thought. Now I am very curious about the Kyoto arc.

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