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InuYasha - ep. 8 & 9

by Kyle Pope,
InuYasha, Episode 8: The Toad Who Would be Prince

1) First scene of young women's souls leaving the toad eggs cut.

That's it. It's self-evident why this scene was cut even though the nudity depicted was mannequin nudity. I'm surprised that they didn't simply whip out the digital bikinis but given the length of the scene it probably wasn't worth the expense.

InuYasha, Episode 9: Shippo and the Thunder Brothers

1) Scene of Demon Woman's incinerated corpse falling to the floor after Hiten kills her cut.

2) Pan up Demon Woman's charred corpse replaced with a close-up of Kagome's face during Hiten's threat.

Rather odd that they would edit these scenes since they had no problem showing entire armies being fried at the beginning of the episode. I am surprised though that Hiten's companion wasn't fitted with a digital bikini top. That snake she was wearing didn't cover much.

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