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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 14 & 15

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin, Episode 14: To Save a Small Life

1) Episode skipped.

I'm not sure what happened here. I'm willing to chalk this up to a mistake on CN's part. There is nothing in this episode that is anymore violent or problematic than what we've seen already. Yes there is some blood but we know that Toonami can deal with that. The only other problem is that the Hishimanji gang wear swastikas on their jackets. Now before you start screaming Nazi remember that the swastika as a symbol has a long history going back well before Hitler. It was in use as early as 500 BCE and appears in East Indian art, Native American art and as a common symbol in Buddhism. If this symbol was an issue for CN they could have easily painted them out digitally as they did with the cannabis leaf on Jet's shirt in Cowboy Bebop.

Rurouni Kenshin, Episode 15: The Two Legendary Manslayers

1) Shot of blood spraying across a shouji as we see the shadow of a Jinpuu squad member cutting down the running official cut.

2) Blood digitally removed from dead official's back.

3) Blood sprays digitally removed from fight with bodyguards.

4) Scene of dead, bloody bodyguard falling back against a bloodstained shouji cut.

5) Pan of Jinpuu squad members standing amidst their carnage cut.

6) Scene of politician being killed with his hand falling into a spatter of his own blood cut.

7) Title changed from "Assassination Group of Five" to "The Two Legendary Manslayers".

8) Scene of Jinpuu squad controller exhaling smoke from his cigar cut.

9) Sasaki's "You son-of-a..." changed to "You lousy..."

10) Blood dripping from Sasaki's hand as he clutches the blade of the small knife digitally removed.

11) Blood spray digitally removed when carriage driver is killed.

12) Blood spray digitally removed when wounded guard falls back in front of Kitamura.

13) Blood spray digitally removed when Jinpuu member wounds bodyguard.

14) Scene of wounded bodyguard clutching his bleed shoulder and retreating cut.

15) Blood digitally removed from wounded bodyguard's shoulder as he falls in front of Sanosuke.

16) Blood digitally removed from wounded bodyguard's back. Cut in his jacket digitally reduced.

17) Blood digitally removed from wounded bodyguard's face and body as Sanosuke holds him.

18) Blood digitally removed from dead guard's back during pan of Jinpuu squad's victims.

No surprises here. It's not going to make compiling these lists any easier as the stakes in this series continue to rise.

Note... A shouji is the wood and paper door used to separate rooms in traditional Japanese homes.

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