The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 24

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 24: Midnight Battle

1) Shot of the plastered Dr. Gensai holding his sake bottle on high during the party cut.

2) Not an Edit... It is acknowledged that everyone is drinking sake, not tea.

3) Long cut... Entire sequence of Yahiko swilling sake and collapsing like a felled tree cut.

4) Shot of Dr. Gensai calling for medical assistance after Megumi elbows him away cut.

5) Shot of Kaoru knocking back a dish of sake in response to Megumi's provocations cut.

6) Shot of Kaoru's face flushing red under the influence of sake cut.

7) Megumi's "I can't believe she got drunk so easily" and Kenshin's "It would seem Miss Kaoru is the honest-type drunk" cut.

8) Megumi's "You smell of alcohol" to Kaoru during their banter cut.

9) Long cut... Scene of Sanosuke challenging Kenshin to a drinking contest
and their subsequent face off cut.

10) Blood digitally removed from Sanosuke's hand as he holds Kenshin's

11) Second shot of Sanosuke's bleeding hand holding back Kenshin's sword

12) Shot of Kenshin resheathing his sword further cutting Sanosuke's hand

13) Blood digitally removed from Sanosuke's bandaged hand.

14) Kaoru's "I know. He probably got drunk, got his foot stuck in a hole and fell on his face. He's really stupid when he's drunk" cut.

15) Sanosuke's "Shut up! You're a pretty rotten drunk yourself" changed to "Shut up! You're pretty rotten yourself."

16) Art shop proprietor's cigarette and holder digitally changed into a toothpick.

So is there anybody who didn't know Sanosuke's little party was in trouble? It's these little snippet edits that are the hardest to do. When whole scenes are removed they're easy to note. When they snip out little bits at a time it can be difficult to catch them all. Anyway I was glad to see they weren't insulting our intelligence by claiming this was a tea party.

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