The Edit List
Trigun - ep. 16 & 17

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun 16: Fifth Moon

1) E. G. Mine's "So what if I did, chickenshit?" changed to "So what if I did?" when Vash inquires as to whether he killed Monev and Dominique.

2) Raidei's "Is this some sort of twisted Christian science?" changed to "Is this some sort of twisted science?" when Vash's arm starts transforming.

So now they're getting sensitive about religion? After Wolfwood? What would be the point now?

Trigun 17: Rem Saverem

1) Not an Edit... Steve grabbing and squeezing Mary's breast left in.

2) Pool of blood digitally removed from around corpse in preview.

They edit out the blood around a corpse but show a guy grabbing a handful of a woman's breast. You have to wonder if the editing instructions got mixed up in this episode.

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