The Edit List
Trigun - ep. 26

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun 26: Under the Sky so Blue

1) Not an Edit... Blood restored around corpse when Vash meets Knives. (This was digitally removed in episode #12.)

2) E. G. Mine's "So what if I did, chickenshit?" once again changed to "So what if I did?" when Vash asks if he killed Monev and Dominique.

3) Not an Edit... Vash and Knives hold guns to each others' heads for extended periods and fire them as well (even though they're both empty by then).

4) Epilogue under the ending credits showing Vash returning to Meryl and Millie with Knives cut.

So there you have it. Vash the Stampede has had his tale told on US TV. Other than a rather silly prohibition of showing guns to people's heads it was a pretty good job on CN's part. Admittedly there was little in Trigun beyond the violence aspect that was really objectionable. I'm glad to have seen Trigun aired and I'm sure Pioneer won't be hurt by the publicity. So what's next?

Hellsing anyone?

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