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Blue Gender Introduction

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender: Introduction

August is a big month for Adult Swim. We have the debut of three new shows, Big O Season 2, FLCL and Blue Gender. The most unusual though will be Blue Gender. With the introduction of this show CN will be taking head on a subject that had only been hinted at in previous Adult Swim shows: Sex.

Blue Gender is a 26 episode FUNimation title depicting events on and above a post-apocalyptic Earth devastated by an unknown and voracious lifeform known only as "Blue". This show will push CN's boundaries of graphic violence further than they've gone before as the Blue kill the old fashioned way with fangs, claws, pincers, spikes and anything else that will rend human flesh. I can only imagine the editing nightmare BS&P is confronting with the introduction of this show. However, that is not the most interesting part as Blue Gender will introduce sex along with the violence. Now sex is no stranger to Adult Swim. There has been plenty of sexual innuendo in other shows broadcast in both the action and comedy blocks. What's different now is that Blue Gender doesn't have sexual innuendo. It has graphic, blatant, open, in-your-face sexual activity. There are events depicted in this show that are just one step removed from hentai material. Now I don't know if CN wants to test the waters of what they can show with this title or they just plan to whip out the blue pencil and the scissors on a scale they've never done before. Only August will tell. Personally I'm betting on the latter which is going to make for some salacious reading.

But here's hoping I'm wrong.

Kyle Pope

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