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The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 15 & 16

by Mike Majeski,
15. Genbu, the Stone Beast

1. Kuwabara's “damn you” changed to “darn you” yelling at Hiei for his possible betrayal.

2. Blood removed from cut on the flying eyeball after Hiei's attack

3. Yusuke's “But you did have me worried! Hell of an actor” Changed to “But you did have me worried! Such a good actor” after the GATE of Betrayal.

4. Yusuke's “Hey! Stone-man's doing something freaky with his tail” Changed to “Hey! Stone-man's doing something weird with his tail” describing Genbu sinking his tail into the stone floor

5. Yusuke's “What the hell's he doing?! He's going to get killed” Changed to “What the heck's he doing?! He's going to get killed”

6. Yusuke's “I've heard of brass balls before, but come on!” Changed to “Now that is a look for the Ladies” taunting Genbu after he put himself back together wrong

16. Byakko, The White Tiger

1. Kuwabara's “And I bet it could kick the crap out of your Spirit Gun!” Changed to “And I bet it could kick the patootie out of your Spirit Gun!” When he compares his Spirit Sword to Yusuke's Spirit Gun.

2. Yusuke's “That depends on what finger I use.” Changed to “Remind me to test that sometime” in response to Kuwabara's boast. Also, Yusuke flipping Kuwabara off edited out

3. Yusuke's “damn it” changed to “darn it” after being pushed back by Kuwabara

4. Scene showing blood spraying from Kuwabara's wounds caused by Byakko's beasts – CUT

5. NOT AN EDIT – Kuwabara's “It's true I couldn't win by swinging my sword. But I could win by stabbing it once I got all four of these suckers lined up” left in.

A number of questions popped into my mind while watching the edited version. Like why “patootie”? I can understand that the word “crap” is a dirty word (pun intended). But couldn't they come up with a better substitute... I mean “patootie”?!?!? Then Cartoon Network edits out the term “Freaking” (in previous episodes), but allow “Suckers” to slip by?

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