Justin Sevakis says Goodbye

To my readers...

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that, starting next month, I will be leaving my post as editor-in-chief at Anime News Network. Taking over for me will be the capable Isaac Alexander, who will himself contribute interviews and the like, as well as run things behind the scenes. News will be covered by him for now, and our reviews will be replaced by a new feature, a RealAudio radio program similar to TV's "Siskel & Ebert" (now "Roger Ebert & The Movies"), featuring two bright young otaku -- one a tough, seasoned fan of over seven years, and the other a budding newbie who also happens to be an animation expert.

I'll still be checking in on things around here, and contributing an article or two from time to time. I've very much enjoyed my tenure here, founding and constructing what has quickly become the 'net's most trusted source for anime news. The new team promises to take this a step further, with new energy, writers, and a sense of fun I can only dream about.

Why am I leaving? I think it's very obvious that I've taken this site as far as I can. I wasn't well-connected enough to find regular (free) writers that were up to the task of doing this on a professional level on a regular basis, and so 98% of the articles here are written by yours truly. I never really wanted to be a journalist in the first place, but I started Anime News Network because no one else would -- a gutsy, real newspaper for the anime community. We weren't going to hear about the Mixx controversy or the problems over at AnimeVillage.com from Animerica, and on rec.arts.anime.misc, who can tell what's truth and what's fiction?

Now that fresh blood is taking over, it's high time I got off the stage and let those newer, more talented faces shape the news you read. Keep in mind that the next few months will be a transition... and we're all working hard to make sure that Anime News Network will be a place you want to be!

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