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The episode titles of the first 6 episodes can be brought together to form "erutuf", which is "future" in the opposite order. This reflects on the fact that Kuze is counting back time to his death. The rest of the episodes, however, goes in the right direction ("future") and uses the same titles used in the previous episodes, but has an additional "re" on the front (example: episode 6 "flection", episode 7 "reflection"; episode 5 "utter", episode 8 "reutter"), reflecting on Kuze's hope to continue living. This is constant until the last episode, which uses the title "forever". This, when combined with the first episode title, can be formed as "ever forever", the main ending theme for the game and anime.

The words used in the opening and the 'eyecatches' are the german translated lyrics of "Yuukyuu no Tsubasa" (aka "eternal feather", the opening of the first part of the game which the anime is based on) and "emotional flutter" (the opening of the second part of the game). Like the first season, the silhouette of the characters are shown at the side of the 'eyecatch' scenes.

German words that are shown throughout the series can be put together to form the translated lyrics of Yuuko's song according to their numberings.

The theme songs for the series (Yuukyuu no Tsubasa/eternal feather, emotional flutter, ever forever, euphoric field, ebullient future) and the OST for the series (espressivo, fortissimo [ef - a tale of memories.], elegia, felice [ef - a tale of melodies.]) all go by the concept of 'ef'.

In episode 4, 20:50 Yuu said to Mizuki "May the Force be with you". This is a reference from Star Wars.

The OP used in episode 6 is an instrumental version of ebullient future. The OP movie also differs from normal movie, where there are some color changes and silhouettes of characters do not appear.

The opening used in episode 7 is the inverted color version of the original non-colored opening used in episode 1 and episode 2.

The official wbesite goes through a number of changes along with the different openings. After the release of episode 6, the website turns into a dark colored webpage, with the characters gone from the sidebars and the character page. After the release of episode 7, the characters reappears in the website. However, everything had their colors inverted and the pictures shown in the sidebar are scenes from the new opening used in episode 7. A new enter page was added around that time too, using a scene from the normal opening, where Yuuko's silhouette appears in Yuu's eye. After the release of episode 8, the website returned to normal but the scene in for the enter page was turned upside down and Yuu didn't blink. The website was turned into a red and gold design later on, with only a few changes with the pictures. After that, the website turned to a black-themed website, with only the characters' shilhouette at the sidebars. Finally, the website was finalised and became a bright and cheerful layout. The enter page was also changed during the Christmas season.

The opening used in episode 8 is a new grey and white version that is turned upside down. Episode 9 uses the same opening, but in the right position.

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