Animation (ambiguous)

Animation (ambiguous) is entered into the encyclopedia when the exact type of animation that a person or company provided for a title is unknown. Most often, individuals and companies credited with "animation (ambiguous)" should in fact be credited with either in-between animation or key animation. However, it is also possible that they contributed any one of the following tasks: clean-up animation, 3D animation, clay animation, etc... In these cases, it is preferable that "animation (ambiguous)" be redeemed with more accurate information when available.

In some cases, a person or company credited with "animation (ambiguous)" may have been responsible for all animation. For example Makoto Shinkai was the sole animator on Voices of a Distant Star. In this case, their credit should be changed to "animation (all)."

One cause for the "animation (ambiguous)" task in the ANN Encyclopedia, is the fact that North American anime distributors often us "animation" as an English translation for specific, and different animation credits such as 原画 (genga, key animation) and 動画 (douga, in-between animation).

See also: Animation, key animation, in-between animation, clean-up animation

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