Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (Dub.DVD/R1)

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Title: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
Volume: Dub.DVD/R1
Running time: 102
Distributor: Sony Wonder

Release date: 1997-07-02
Suggested retail price: $24.98
Age rating: NR

UPC: 074644975390 074644975390

Bison is one of those misunderstood guys who wants everything in the world and wants it now.​ He's got just about everything there is.​.. except Ryu.​ So,​ he decides that a little kidnapping is in order,​ and snags Ryu's best friend.​ What ensues is more animated gore,​ painful looking hits and otherwise impossible looking martial arts than you can imagine.​ And then there's Chun Li.​..

Spoken Languages: English.​

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